Everyday, without fail I will religiously log in into my myspace, hoping for i don’t know what.

Everyday without fail, I will read the pointless bulletin hoping for something interesting.

EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGDAY, I would get some lousy email from someone who is too stupid to change his/her password.

EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGMINUTE, someone would post some pointless bulletin ranting about how she/he is bored and wants people to comment him/her.

ALMOSTEVERYDAY, I get a comment from someone asking me hows my day although he/she had asked me 2 hours ago.

ALMOSTEVERYMIDDLEOFTHENIGHTWHENIMONLINE, someone would ask me if i’ve already eaten/bathe/kissedmyboyf/huggedmysmellypillow. *KNOCKS HEAD ON THE MONITOR*

ALMOSTALLTHETIME, people forget whats my race and goes on being a racist and denies once told.

ALMOSTEVERYSECOND, I laugh at these stupid yet significant things.

EVERYSINGLEBREATHITAKE, I thank my lucky stars for not allowing me to go online all the time and laugh at this. And now, I shall go laugh some more.


2 Responses to “MYineedsomeonetonoticemeSPACE.”

  1. Kak Syar Says:

    new blogggggg.

  2. yeahh 😀

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