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Posted in the other blahs on March 18, 2008 by aku

Everyday, without fail I will religiously log in into my myspace, hoping for i don’t know what.

Everyday without fail, I will read the pointless bulletin hoping for something interesting.

EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGDAY, I would get some lousy email from someone who is too stupid to change his/her password.

EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGMINUTE, someone would post some pointless bulletin ranting about how she/he is bored and wants people to comment him/her.

ALMOSTEVERYDAY, I get a comment from someone asking me hows my day although he/she had asked me 2 hours ago.

ALMOSTEVERYMIDDLEOFTHENIGHTWHENIMONLINE, someone would ask me if i’ve already eaten/bathe/kissedmyboyf/huggedmysmellypillow. *KNOCKS HEAD ON THE MONITOR*

ALMOSTALLTHETIME, people forget whats my race and goes on being a racist and denies once told.

ALMOSTEVERYSECOND, I laugh at these stupid yet significant things.

EVERYSINGLEBREATHITAKE, I thank my lucky stars for not allowing me to go online all the time and laugh at this. And now, I shall go laugh some more.



Posted in the other blahs on March 15, 2008 by aku

AHHHHHH. Okay this might sound a little lame, but I stupidly deleted my blogger and I stumbled across my 2 years ago blog, which is this!
OMG. how I missed my lame rants. Hahaha.

I’ve been reading it for an hour and decided I’m gonna continue crapping over here 🙂
Soo hoorah. I’m in no mood whatsoever to blog right now.
So I’ll post a real post soon okay?

Sayang everyone *MUAH*

jambalaya – the story continues.

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed, the other blahs on October 2, 2006 by aku

Today, I woke up. I believed the anticipated event had finally arrived. Today,I know that I’m going to face the important exam that is going to judge me whether I’m going to Science, Accounts or Arts stream. Basicly, everyone wants Science stream. But me, I dont like science and Maths. But I hate arts (Blergh!) So, I don’t know why I even bother taking exam. Oh yeah.. Its because my mum is going to slaughter me if I dont? Yeah, definately that.

I believe the old sayings of ‘try (one’s) hand’ was definately in my mind while I was sitting there in the hall. Praying to Lord Jesus to enlighten my heart, asking the holy spirit to guide me and most importantly, pray that I’ll get a slap if I sleep on this test. *laughs* I was place in the middle. Where it was basicly 5 x 5 = 25 tables. You know, like maths? The Square? I was in the middle. Under the fan, Hmm.. The most likely place to sleep.. *grins*

Anastasia was beside me, smarty pants Jayne was in front and brainy Priyaa was behind. (Did i mention her mum waited for an hour, just because she asked her to?) The paper was there in front of my eyes. I wasn’t nervous. Like my sister told my mum the other day “Where she care lah, about PMR.” I can’t argue with that.

I did the questions well. Although, some were confusing. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could have done it though. Cept’ the fact they won’t be getting a passing grade. Paper 2 was like the shit, as I was busy complaining about how lame the recess hours minutes were I forgot to read up about the novels. Lame eh? I managed to answer it based on my logic skills which always crash down when I think about it too long. I swore Hani was looking at me like i was on crack.

As soon the exam was over, Tasia, Johnie and I ate at maduras. People were like staring at me. I knew what was on their mind, for sure they were thinking “Isn’t this girl suppose to fast, such pity.” Well, at least I thought so. But wait, there was this two malay boys which I admit, I called them “Stupid Malays!” because they weren’t fasting and was choosing food at the shop like hungry wolves. C’mon lah. They always mock Christianity and Hinduism. And, here they are.. not fasting. What rights they have to mock what my religion when they are just some imbecile trying to stand up for what they can’t protect or follow?

I guess some people are just too stupid. Tomorrow I’m sitting for my English and Science test. Like I said, I hate Science. What hope does it has for me anyways? I’ll of course try my best, and this time it is until 4 pm. I’m having lunch at Priyaa’s.

Judging by mu blog, you knew I came online and prolly won’t do well in my PMR right? I’m thinking the same. But I’m going to study now.