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The last post for the year ;)

Posted in Self Proclaimed on December 7, 2006 by aku

The Bottom Line

Getting organized is easier than ever today. Your energy is high; your focus, sharp.
In Detail

Getting more organized is easier than ever today — your energy level is sky high, and your focus is razor sharp. So if you have been waiting for a time to rearrange a closet or tackle an unruly filing cabinet, today is the day. You have a great ability to create order out of chaos right now, so use it! You will have fun with whatever method you choose, whether it’s as simple as color-coding folders or as complicated as coding a computer program.

Right, and I’m a psyhic. I havent pack. Flight is tonight, and.. I’m blardee organized today? I’m sure something would go wrong, it always does. Please God, Let me bring the charger this time. And the camera’s tripod too! Please, Please.

Blogger is pissing me off. Well, I thought I would leave something behind you know a message or sumsort in case gone-gone case there in Philippines. And blogger changed quite a bit. Looks even better, and logging in quicker. 😉 Props to WordPress.

I’m suppose to change for our last minute christmas shopping but I decided to be the first one to bathe so that I can post a post or smtg, but blogger had to go wrong. SIGH.

Oh well, I’m listing down what should I buy now. I sound like a housewife going shopping for groceries. LMAO.
And I’m very sleepy, very very. And a bit hungry.

And Mr EYF and Roshni, I wanted to put the ‘Hey there delilah’ but then.. you know la. blogger went cookoo.. 😦

Oh yeah, Rosh, Amir, Eyf, Vee, Cheryl, Faiz, MQ, Nick, Fich, Zoe, Jess and the other readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (Altho I’ll be back before new year, or NOT)

And my cutiepie Johnnie and Mr Grumps Ivan, Happy Birthday. Well, Ivan’s bday is today. So, watta heck.. Happy 15th Bday.. You’re finally 15? What la 😛

I pray I’ll get showered with gifts,
(Thats like, never gonna happen)



goodbye wordpress, for now..

Posted in Life, Self Proclaimed on October 16, 2006 by aku

i’ve moved out to my old place again..


feel free to visit and comment like you always did

love you guys to bits.
and there, i can post loads of pic and flash thinggy winggy.
*being overjoyyed*

it took me 15 minutes waiting for it to be posted up, ended up in the draft. hahaha.

the confused huggermugger

Posted in Self Proclaimed on October 16, 2006 by aku

i think im going to move to blogspot soon, since wordpress is giving me this annoying crap about flash, songs, editting html and blah blah blah. I dont give a shit nemore abt private posts (thats the only good thing here)

hmm, again.. im confused.
help neone?


Posted in Life, Self Proclaimed on October 15, 2006 by aku

Yesterday I tried to blog, but I couldnt access my account and when I did.. The post wasnt saved and couldnt be viewed. All my time wasted to find the clip from youtube. Grr.

Hey rosh, congrats on being stucked to the tv, thanks to mr.s! Ranma 1/2 is a really old anime afterall, but hilarious! When are you going to get a blog anyways? Ish.

Hmm, yesterday I was fussing over mummy trying to use the pc to watch my girl, and i was hoping for her to buy a router. and guess what? This doesnt usually happen, but.. MUMMY BOUGHT A ROUTER. hehe. The man in the store tried to act funny or smtg. I simply kacau him back, till he finally stopped acting funny.

I lost my temper while fixing it up just now. Now its A-okay, even faster than the previous modem. 😀

Today I saw a mat salleh and a chinese lady gado at the parking lot. Boy was it bad, the car I mean. There was this malay dude was near the butt of my mum’s car, then when we all looked behind and gave him the “wtf” face, he eventually went it the other row and quietly left the main road. hee. 😛

Im going to church for evening mass today, since we were totally late for mass today considering the jamm and havoc the people are making due to the last day sales…

And I witnessed a punjabi lady dancing at klcc, (the tgh tgh bulat thinggy where ppl put the jumbo wambo). she wasnt a dancer, simply dancing lah tu. but it was fun. my sis had henna on her hand.. and my bro is calling to watch hannah montana. her voice is really irritating. the way she talks… I cant stand watching it. deh.

Im off to a change of clothes now. TA-TA

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friday the 13th

Posted in Self Proclaimed on October 13, 2006 by aku

Mummy is okay already about the phone thing. =] But Im still not happy about it, yet I’m cheerful as always.
You know, when you are walking about and looking at stuff, and people just come up to you and offer you some stuff which is a total dope, and wont leave you until you purchase it from them? Mummy kena today, but I.. the supermangirl for the day.. told the man “hari tu dah tipu, nak tipu lagi ye?” and the man said in reply, ohh, sori. So, he did lie?

And so did I. We bought loads of stuff today and my body aches like shit. I think because we took 2 rounds of roller coaster and spinning around thinggy yesterday. I feel like sleeping, but I’m too lazy to sleep. So yeah, about the buying things stuff, I bought cucumber for no good reasons and loads of biscuits. =]

I’m still looking for my phone although it is lost somewhere. Today I woke up and was searching for it, then.. I realised. Oh, I lost it yesterday. Then Rosh, gave me a call. And Rosh, thanks for the call and comfort. How was school anyways?

I’m imagining people dying with saliva dripping out as boring phrases and quotes of rich and famous people being preached to the ears of the young ones. Seriously, its after PMR lah. Give us a break, why you think we come to school for? To listen to some blah blah blah speaches? If I was in school with my buds today, I would be in the toilet. Doing something less attractive, yet fun. And no, its not something dirty. Geez.

I watched The Death of The Supermodels today. Funny movie. #1 supermodel with armpitt hair? Funny. A fat booty-licious supermodel? Thats Beyonce mann. But the actress wasnt Beyonce. A chinese looking model, but actually a man.. HA-HA. I laughed my ass out this one. But, they are real supermodels.. but none of them do any of those stuff lah.

I dont know what to do now. Maybe I’ll jsut load My Girl korean drama for mummy and let her use the pc.

If anything comes up, leave me a note.. (as in a comment lah)

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why a good day must always end bad?

Posted in Life, Self Proclaimed on October 12, 2006 by aku

Its been a month since I’m 15, and yes.. Its Nantha’s birthday. His sister and my sister are coincidently born on the same date. And, I am older than him exactly a month. Talking about freaky… To be honest, I’m sorry guys.. I’m trying to sound as happy as I can. You know, crying in a huge mall can be a little bit embarrassing. Wait, hold on to that sad moment as I cherish the happy ones for now. Hmm.. Where should I begin?

I finally met Jessie and I like her haircut. She looks the same though. We had a blast, especially on the bumper car. How can I forget that? Anastasia had a hard time handling it though. How they (Tasia and Jessie) lost their phone and wallet but managed to get it back. Unfortunate for me though, I had a hard time with the receptionist. She was a bit pissed, but I apologised.

Hmm, I lost my phone today. After ushering Tasia and Nantha out, we decided to hit the arcade. At that point, somehow I can’t recall if it was still with me. It was at my side pocket and I was wearing such loose pants so I can’t really feel the presence of my phone. Usually the piggie hangs out the pocket, but it had fallen off somewhere in the bumper car. *sigh*

I tried to find, and I cried.. A lot. I was so sad that I wanted to leave right away. Calling mummy made it worst, she never comforted me or anything, but she blamed me. Just great. I was still in deep shock that time, such slick move done by someone. I never lost anything valuable in my entire life before this. (Besides daddy) I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or totally dramatic, but I don’t know what to do next. Should there be a police report? Or should I get my sim back? God knows. I’m so f’ked up right now.

There were loads of pictures in that handphone. The SMS-es, the numbers. God, did I ever did a large sin to be punish like this? Its not fair. Honestly. I was so sad when I got home and mummy started to yell “SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY BACK THAT HANDPHONE. I BOUGHT IT NEARLY 2000 PLUS.” At that particular moment, I felt a sudden rush to say “WHERE IS YOUR BRAINS?”
Even the hawker in Yick Heng asked me why I was so pale. She isn’t considerate. No one is really making me feel any better.

Talking about it just makes me more sad. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just cleaned the house and followed Lilian Tiu’s (FUNNY?) advise on susun-ing the perabut.

I feel like crying again. Have fun everyone.

Mellow and slow.

Posted in Self Proclaimed on October 11, 2006 by aku

I couldnt sleep last night, to be frank.. My thoughts were all about animes. I was thinking about their names, their characters and i was even predicting the next episode. I decided to rest at about 12.30am, and after “dreaming” and asuming the next episodes it was already 5. And, it started to rain, and I finally had my good night morning sleep at 6.30. Thats when my sis started to yell at my bro to wake up. Yeesh.

Later, I woke up about 10. And guess what? The bro didnt go to school. And, get this straight… If one brother doesnt go, neither does the other. The youngest always get it his way whenever mummy forces him to go to school. He thinks he is wayy better than all his classmates. Can’t blame him. He is the top boy in class, that means he gets bullied often. Not a tough guy after all, eh?

Besides, my eldest sibling followed my mum to work. Thank God, she saved me the oxygen to say the least. Anywho, if she didnt follow mummy, she would prolly stick her ears to the phone. Yapping about her exam, I wonder… How can her mouth take all that yapping. I think my lips would get blisters by talking that long. Hmm..

I went out with Tasia today. Not really outing or something, just to the pharmacy. She wanted to get a pumice stone or something like that for her legs. She cares for her skin, you know. Thank God I dont have crack heels. *smiles* But I do have acne skin. *grins*

Anywho, we ate McD later on and talking about Ouran and stuff.. We saw Pek in McD. He really put on some weight and Tasia says he has more pimples all over his face. I bet its stress. Definately stress. People eat a lot when they are stressed up and tend to get imbalanced hormones or something. So yeah, blame the stress.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna meet Jessie! *note, check the other blahs on the right hand corner for her blog* Oh yeah, MQ.. Leave me your blog address as a comment, nak letak kat tepi lah!
Aih, and its the monkey’s birthday too. Lazy to layan him, but what to do. He is one of my best guy friend afterall. That means, we are gonna hang around the mall. Weee… =]

Oh, my sis is already bugging me. Just have a good night rest everyone.. and get your fingers clicking on these few links below.

Make my day, yours.

• Does it matter, even if its family?

• So much for ‘Macam-macam Ada

• Stop condemning each other already

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