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aaaaaaaaa, crap!

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on September 13, 2006 by aku

today in school, remember i told u bout rosh poking me during exams. yep, we got the papers back. haha, i flunked weyy. i didnt care. paper 2 BM was like the bomb! cuz’ i got a reli reli high mark *phew* but paper 1 was like “oh, fuck!”. LMAO.

but over all, it was a B. rosh got an A. on the spot. *hugs* i pity farah tho, teachers ahhh. nver told us Deli wasnt the watak utama. how the f’ we know rite? and sooo she goes on blahhhh-ing about stuff. farah was pissed. but girl, sapu cili on her face the next test, k? *hugs*

wai lun‘s karangan was the funniest. Azmi bear bear, Roshni, Capik tutpik and I was laughing at it. i was reading it like crazy. 😀

there was this line he said “ayah terpaksa menggunakan jalan kampung kerana tiada duit untuk membayar tol” haha. then he later he wrote “tanpa membuang masa lagi, saya menelefon ambulans menggunakan Sony Ericsson E700i saya”. Out of the blue Visha commented “Oi, duit tada mau bayar tol, tiba tiba ada handphone mahal, banyak cantik” HAHA. then there was the other part in the story where a Honda F sumthin sumthin terbabas kat tepi jalan. and he asked his dad to stop the car. but his dad ignored. then it goes “tanpa menlengahkan masa lagi, saya menarik brek kecemasan. kereta saya berputar beberapa kali, tapi akhirnya berhenti” haha. BERPUTAR! why not bergolek? stupid no? and it went onn.. “saya membuat C.P.R kepada lelaki tersebut selama 10 minit sehingga ambulans sampai.” 10 MINUTES!?#$@$ u gotta be kidding!

capik, rosh, bear bear and i was laughing like hell. wai lun could only defend himself by saying “whaaat???” haha. azmi kept saying “cina cina.” well, not in a descriminating way was definately funny!

btw, anastasia told sats off today cuz he kept bugging roshni. anastasia said to us “how can he come here, in front of visha and pretend like its okay to hurt her feelings? acting all innocent.”
well, its true. grr. Visha should scar his face, and we know now.. perhaps. PERHAPS. rubini was behind all this. and sats like prada? its like, SHE IS WAYYYY TALLER THAN HER LAH. that guy still not over nini kot. he needs a tight slap from us, seriously.

she made my birthday a breakup day. IDIOT.

grr, feel my claws..
and rosh, u like sazzy rite? click her blog


birthday girl today.

Posted in friends, school, Self Proclaimed on September 12, 2006 by aku


my friends, how could u guys forget my birthday
i thought i never want to forgive you guys
i almost wanted to erase or try to forget priyaa’s birthday. altho i remember every single birthday *since got nothing bttr to do* and oi rosh, bile modem ok laa?

aaa. back to story. ain n afiq gave me chocolates. yummm. 😛
and then in class, i was a bit wanna mrajuk but i always end up laughing weyyy. haha. abdil, capik toothpick, wailun, bearbear, lock man and etck sang me happy bday song i was like PINK oredi. blushing like gila. haha. than i said thx and abdil as usual trying to be cheeky “kris, kiss mana?” hahhaa. thats funny. not. 😛

so then, science. i spend the entire time boring roshni half to death. i can see her face. haha. and visha. studying for kh. go go go, make that biatch proud! then it was rehat. just like that. visha wanted to belanja me desprtly! so i let her buy me laksa which i almost choked on when the ENTIRE form 3 students in the canteen starting so sing. roshni looked retarded cuz she was screaming. love u retarded! hahahhahaahahahahahhaha. ok thats mean. roshni kept saying “we all just keep quiet just becoz ur birthday u noe” i know u all miss my becok mouth laa. hahaha. if it wasnt my bday i know roshni wud hav said “oi, shuddup or i give u a nice tight slap!”

so it was fun when everyone came later and say “yo, bday girl” “hey kris, happy bday” some passed chipsmore, some passed chocolates. piyah gave me ribena. thank goodness.! nagesh kept drinking mine. i finished the old one n gave her the box and laughed like an ass that i am. 😛

so back to class, we were eating. visha was sad. btw, i made sats pissed off. haha. serves u right. grr. u make her sad on my bday. idiot guy. ok not idiot. 😀

so well, pn kamallyah came in for relief. she was annoying. and our gang, the immortal radicals so called was bitching bout sats. well, rosh n i made a remake of “listen to the rhythm of the falling rain”. most of it roshni, but hey. i sang too. horribly. gaga.

then off to tuition. zunaid gave me a present. n i made friends with WS n james. wee. no no its not that james from hulubalang town! they were sweet. and they wished me happy bday too.

going back was the bad part. i think someone’s bitching bout zunaid. and veena got upset. and stuff.. aihhh.. but zunaid was trying to be cheeky buy saying he is short n fat. AAAA. he is making me feel bad, but he made me smirk and smile. haha.
and did i mention he was the only one who gave me a pig?
its sooo cute
and wobbly.

the two front piggies he gave.

goshies, now im sms them like crazy.
hey, those are not mention below. i know if ur reading this
u wished me oredi laaaa
cuz i might refered u to the website or u clicked it in my myspace
love u guys tooooo bitttzzzzzzzzz.!!!!

muah muah

n im officially 15. yey! another 3 years. hmm.


Posted in Life, school on September 6, 2006 by aku

its been a while since i checked on jodel,nicole,micmic n charmie. gosh, i miss them. 🙂

my slave cousin, john posted a few pic of grandpapa, auntie bobot, et-et and the catubig family with dodong of course. gosh, they are all grown up. baby jodel is soo adorable.

click to enlarge. this is jodel.awww, eating his bread.! gosh, cutie baldie. miss the way he shouts “titaaaa” haha.

all of em
click to enlarge.

this is auntie bobot, holding nicole, charmie n jodel. cute arent they. im so proud to be their aunt. haha. they had their parody of “TITAAAA” every morning last year.

btw, i didnt go to school today. so i missed history and science. i dont know why i bother going to school tomoro when im gonna get a TH. heh?

tomoro maths. im just gonna look at nithya, rosh n visha get a while i settle down on a ‘b’. OKAY?

tomrw tuition, and amir is not feeling well. hope he gets well soon. or ill be bored talking to myself. or sam. whatever. still, he needs to be well.

did i mention i lost my voice for 3 days now (but i still can talk, but an exception on mandy voice) and vomited 3 times today? my tummy is flat for now. gagaga. im staying away from heavy food.
migrain attacking again. ezzzzzz..

ex oh ex oh

fcked up kh teach.

Posted in Life, school, Self Proclaimed on August 28, 2006 by aku

today we got our bm, sej and kh.
i’ve improved a lot in bm. *claps*
sejarah was well, okay. not too proud bout it.
but KH!!@#$%
i got a 93 95.
i know, i was shocked myself.
i guess staying up and studying it 2 weeks before was worth it.
only to find out that, teacher suspects i got this answer sheet which SHE, i repeat SHE photostated and passed it on without checking. talking bout einstein.

first, we were in the sewing room,
she called me over.
and said (in malay)

she: “i left a few papers with answer sheet behind, by any chance, did you get it?”

*me, totally blurr*: err, what paper?

she *making the i know you know what i mean look*: “i photostated some and accidently gave it to a few students which im unsure of”

me *still blurr* : “i dont think so i got it.. but, why ask me?”

she *making the fucked up look*: well, thats becoz u got the highest, and you had an amazing improvement *her improvement was rather sacarstic*

*pn norhimah was in front, *

me *putting down my foot* : well, pn norhimah was there. and i sat IN FRONT OF HER, how can i copy?

*pn nor himah agrees*

she *makes a double fucked up face* : nvm, call roshni n hidayah.

well, than she gave us back our paper. of course there was some giving me the look, well. i admit im not that bright. but, hello..
im still aloud to get a high score rite? its not like if you fail, you cant try again.. how descriminating. she asked for my exam paper, i cant remember where i put it. so i told her it must be at home. she gave me the look again. honestly, how can i put up with her at this point. she asked me a lot of questions regarding the kh paper, hello.. if its called bantai. then, i dunno the answer rite? how can she ask “how u know this is the answer?” how fcked up!

she kept aiming me, to answer all the questions. damn freaking lame.. i was pissed, yet i dont want to fight back. so i just zipped it up. then for the last 15 minutes, she kept reminding us how she prays for the person who will admit they took the answer sheet and how the prayers will terbalik for those who din admit. roshni gave a smirk and said “whu cares of your bloody prayers” *go rosh!*

we all went back to class, of course i wasnt feeling that good about it. just imagine.. a teacher giving you the I-KNOW-YOU-DID-IT look when you did nothing, and expect you to take the fall. she even can add the..

“if you admit, i wont cut your score. i’ll let you keep it as a bonus”

wtf! we went back to class later, and after peaceful 45 minutes, she called mun and told her to tell me *which is highly impossible for me alone as mun has this mouth that leaks everything* to bring my paper tomoro, or she will deduct half the marks i earn.

IT WAS UNFAIR. i mean, she has no fcking proof. i told mummy, she is coming tomoro. make that bloody racist pay for it. just because moral students got higher scores, doesnt mean she can go around deducting ppl’s marks. THATS FUCKING DESCRIMINATING. DOESNT MEAN I NEVER GOT AN A FOR KH, DOESNT MEAN I CANT GET IT EVER.. RIGHT?



fucks & shits,
go die.


Posted in friends, Life, school on August 21, 2006 by aku

okay, the english club thinggy wasnt THAT bad. i had fun. =]
altho we lost. haha. 7 out of 7. wth? i know. LMAO.

building the tower was like crap. i didnt get the idea. James Bond, Orang Utan, and KLCC was blurr but trying their best to do it.
we ended up presenting the future of malaysia.

future malaysia

This is the winning tower, altho its tall, with a mighty blow blow from me. it will drop. laws of physics konon, go die la.
winning tower

our tower fell, but suria KLCC made it stand back, tho. XD
ze klcc.

People were fun, i ended up doing OH-OH from the pop ye ye song. 😛
it was cool, im still addicted to it. hehe.

for more pictures,click here

im so tired.

bored, sleepy and probably PMS.

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on August 16, 2006 by aku

i got back from school and poof! i got a fever.
im always sleeping that my mum starting to bug me to bits.
& i havent ironed my baju kurung.
its like a sloth there, in the basket.

today in school, we didnt study a crap since only 27/45 students were present. i could have swore i almost slept. but kogilan, azlan (also known as ‘panjang’ because he is VERY tall), halen, zharif & capik. Abdil keeps coming and going, and sleeping. yeah, that.
We were talking bout form 1 and stuff, where i wasnt close to anyone of them. & Kogilan admits that I dont act like a girl. He said, if he ever have to divide my characteristics molecules, it would be 20% girl and 80% boy. LMAO. i laughed at it. and stopped later. Azlan keeps telling me to drink soya more, since he got tall because of soya. He drinks 2 big bottles a day, i cant imagine getting diabetes instead of getting any taller. humm..

Tomorrow is maths. I stayed away from the pc, and didnt reply any of my sms. If i did, it prolly sound unsincire. Sorry. I was sleepy. My mum keeps ringing the house, that i felt like kicking the phone to my noisy neighbours that claim we are much noisy then them. *like hello, 5 human beings are living here, there is 3 practically adult there and they act like baboons! & a little bratish kiddo that cries everytime his mum is not around. talking bout cry babies.*

I washed my hair & studied maths. Prolly wasnt the best idea to do so. esply. if its at 10 pm. HA-HA. my hair is short, so no worries, give it 5 minutes and its as dry as ice in sahara desert. well not that dry, its soft. humm..

Oh yeah, tomorrow is maths. i finally understood the rotation, translation, reflection and errr, whats the other one… Oh yeah, enlargement. =]

this is angle of rotation. click to enlarge.

this is the angle of reflection, it took me hours to figure it out.
click to enlarge.

this is locus, aint it pretty? click to enlarge.

this is what i call, mess.
or in maths, point of reflection. i think. =]

Oh yeah, this what happened in the end, after my riot against maths. Just so you know.
Click to enlarge.

Oh yeahs, this is a few tip to study maths. My style =] *dont read if you dont want to, blah!*

You need everything in that picture.
You’ll need..
1) A big fat revision book, mainly its fat. and its good to sleep on.
2) a protactor. If you are freaking lazy as i am, you dont need a compass to get the angles. =] be warn, you need an arc. stick a pencil to your finger.
3) an emery board; c’mon dont bite your nails. and when you are bored, distract yourself with your ugly nails.
4) a stapler. In case someone with a big mouth comes and annoy you. examples; little brother with red horns.
5)a mp3 player (optional), so that you can sing along as you do the calculation. dont listen to hilary duff – the math; you wont be able to do any. trust me. If you dont have a mp3, you can always attach your radio to your ears.
6) A highlighter, well. that one, was.. for fun. when you are bored, colour the pictures. you might get more marks!
7) A compass; to poke annoying pest’s eyes. (you might be in court for this tho)
8) an eraser; which idiot wont use any. ?
9)calculator ; if you are doing exercise on paper 2, its good to cheat. but its bad to lie.
10) a handphone (optional) to sms people when you are totally bumbed out with maths. if you dont own this annoying device, grab a house phone and glue it to your hands. if you dont have a house phone, dunk your head in the toilet bowl and stop wasting your time reading this.
11) a pillow – in case you fall asleep.
12) a blanket – to filter your disgusting drool as you sleep.

Have all this, and you will get a swell results for maths.
Good luck for PMR takers.
Peace everywhere.

ex oh ex oh.

Birthday *AGAIN*

Posted in friends, Life, school on August 8, 2006 by aku

happy birthday to my beloved mummy,
45 of years living and still recking my life for the best.
Hope you grow old and forget things easily, *easier for me to paw money from you*
So yeah, happy birthday,
&& i din give back the balance. HA-HA. *sarcasm*

Today in school, i finished a set of mathematics paper; paper 2 without using the calculator & i didnt copy anyone! Thanks to Mr. Mickey Mouse (Capik) , Pineapple tart (Tasia), Rosy Mossy (Rose) & Vic (Sha). I know, weird names. =]

During recess, i enjoyed eating nasi ayam, its been a while since i tasted that. Everything worked out fine at school today, tuition was okay… Dull actually. I was half way dying there, thanks to sms-es from ‘baboy’ & ‘Erma’.

On the way back, i saw this girl. As she was SOOOO PRETTY! when i say that, she is VERY VERY pretty. And I aint lying. She was tall, skinny (not skin and bones), and had a cute face. =]
She was as tall as ViVi, but I cant compare them both. They both are SO pretty.

In the train, i admit.. I got a little hyper with the mp3, and started singing and possibly singing along, when there are people staring at me.. Enough bout that.. When i got home, i was sooo sleepy, i read the geography book and fell asleep..

and im awake now, still sleepy. VERY actually. and possibly hitting up on a fever. phft!