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Saddy Daddy

Posted in Mumbles on March 18, 2008 by aku

I wrote this for a friend I knew and what she went through. Its amazing to see such a strong person from a well, different background. Here it goes..

When I was six, or something like that,
I learnt a sad truth about my dad
of course at that time, i don’t know what it meant,
but later, it was months since he and I met.

I thought he was busy,
you know, working hard for the money,
but a sad truth, and like a bad spanish story,
my life was like a telenovela on the TV.

My mum and him constantly fought,
But I was young, what was I to do?
He would come back, once in a blue moon,
and often left before it was noon.
Then, it would be months till I’ll see his old shoes.

One fine day, he came back home,
I wasn’t ecstatic, why? I don’t know.
I brought myself to ask him this
“Pa, why are you always far away?”
He just gave me a smile and he just said
“No, no baby. Papa will be here now to stay”
I would jump to mum who’s in the kitchen
I would tell her what dad had told,
She gave me an expression, I cannot explain
And this is what she said
“What is a fraud mummy?” I would ask,
Papa who heard quickly dashed
Into the kitchen he went, right at the back
They started yelling, Mummy was crying,
I took cover behind that big rice sack.
Dad quickly grabbed the keys and to the car,
I ran to him, “PAAA! Where you AREE….”
Mum grabbed my hand and said “Papa’s going far”

And thats the last I’ve heard of him
Papa, Where are you?