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wait, till the light gets dimmer.

Posted in friends, Life, Self Proclaimed on October 7, 2006 by aku

Sometimes I can be so stupid. Well, sometimes I can be so ‘blur’.
Today, I forgot its puasa. I ate in front of people and even offered them, I know they might think im teasing but hiishh. i forgot. sorry 😦

I watched the whole season of ‘fruits basket’ last night. i cried the entire time. How can akito be so cruel. and tohru. how patient she is.. *i think i better stop before i tell you the entire plot*

Tell me, is crying in front of the TV looks stupid? Gosh, I dont even know whats happening in Gombak itself. I didnt know there was haze these few days, till Navin told me. No wonder I am suffering cough, colds and phlegm. *slaps forehead*

And I fell for my Mum’s so-called joke that petroleum jelly was used to put in people’s ass. Actually it does. Err, which was again was the… Ah! That fabric dye is used for hairs to make them seem prettier. Dont ask why i fell for that so-called joke.

Katryn even pulled a joke about the TV thing, which I really didnt get. But, I laughed anyways. If I was in a reality show, where they would rate be from Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton to Einstein and Some brainy guyyy, I’ll say I would be in between Simpson and Hilton.

Dang. Talking about how clueless I am, in stuff. Lets see. I often say things that makes my friends thinks I’m talking dirty when actually I’m not. Crying with no reason, seem pretty silly. Laughing at a so-called sarcasm isnt cool. And being nice to strangers esply the ones that look like rapist, is not a good move either.

I think, there was once i offered an unknown person to enter the house as i wait for mummy to come home when i was all alone. Lucky for me, the neighbours were observing. and one of them actually came and asked whats going on, and that person left anyways.

I still think I’m dumb altho its was only 2 years back. Hmm.
But I still know how to put on the light bulb and fix the door. So, I guess I am smart but clueless?

Gosh I dont know.
and may i state this out?
Ehm, this is a pointless post. and I’m following adaaaa’s blog by posting my moods. i hope she doesnt mind.
here goes..

current mood: Still Blur sleepy.
Song playing in mind : Anything but ordinary – A.Lavigne.


quando quando

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on October 3, 2006 by aku

Gosh, I just got back from school! Phew! English and Science was definately like shit. Everyone studied for the wrong thing. I did however, told Roshni about the novels. =D Save call eh? I didnt worry much about novel since I love it like hell.

Science in the other hand was not my cup of tea. I can do well in paper one since I’m REALLY good at inky pinky ponkey! Everyone was busy studying about chlorination, electricity and etc. When it only came out otherwise. I, for one have to say.. I crashed like a computer. If only I could format myself and backup, backup!!! Sigh.

Roshni gave me a CD full of the oldies! Yeay, my favourite type of music. I’m listening to it like 3 times already. The whole 20 songs! Quando quando and sway is playing in my head. Uhmm, the second day of PMR already eh? To me, its not like PMR. Ask Wai Lun and Rosh, they would answer the same.

Just a few days more and I could feel the intense part of me jumping out and say “YEAY, FINALLY!” but of course in another 2 months I would be crying when I see my results. Or maybe not. My examanation results never really affected me in any way.

Today I after my English exam. I stared blankly at 4 Delta. “This could me my class next year?” that was playing in my mind. Then I look around 4 Ekuiti, where I was taking my exam and I felt like someone whispered to my ears “How about this?”

I didnt mind though. I just thought my sleepiness is knocking in. I slept a lot in class. I’m currently bloated after stuffing myself with Priyaa’s mum cooking. TASTY!

I think I’m going to study history now. Toodles!
Wish me luck on Maths and Science tomorrow *Waves*

jambalaya – the story continues.

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed, the other blahs on October 2, 2006 by aku

Today, I woke up. I believed the anticipated event had finally arrived. Today,I know that I’m going to face the important exam that is going to judge me whether I’m going to Science, Accounts or Arts stream. Basicly, everyone wants Science stream. But me, I dont like science and Maths. But I hate arts (Blergh!) So, I don’t know why I even bother taking exam. Oh yeah.. Its because my mum is going to slaughter me if I dont? Yeah, definately that.

I believe the old sayings of ‘try (one’s) hand’ was definately in my mind while I was sitting there in the hall. Praying to Lord Jesus to enlighten my heart, asking the holy spirit to guide me and most importantly, pray that I’ll get a slap if I sleep on this test. *laughs* I was place in the middle. Where it was basicly 5 x 5 = 25 tables. You know, like maths? The Square? I was in the middle. Under the fan, Hmm.. The most likely place to sleep.. *grins*

Anastasia was beside me, smarty pants Jayne was in front and brainy Priyaa was behind. (Did i mention her mum waited for an hour, just because she asked her to?) The paper was there in front of my eyes. I wasn’t nervous. Like my sister told my mum the other day “Where she care lah, about PMR.” I can’t argue with that.

I did the questions well. Although, some were confusing. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could have done it though. Cept’ the fact they won’t be getting a passing grade. Paper 2 was like the shit, as I was busy complaining about how lame the recess hours minutes were I forgot to read up about the novels. Lame eh? I managed to answer it based on my logic skills which always crash down when I think about it too long. I swore Hani was looking at me like i was on crack.

As soon the exam was over, Tasia, Johnie and I ate at maduras. People were like staring at me. I knew what was on their mind, for sure they were thinking “Isn’t this girl suppose to fast, such pity.” Well, at least I thought so. But wait, there was this two malay boys which I admit, I called them “Stupid Malays!” because they weren’t fasting and was choosing food at the shop like hungry wolves. C’mon lah. They always mock Christianity and Hinduism. And, here they are.. not fasting. What rights they have to mock what my religion when they are just some imbecile trying to stand up for what they can’t protect or follow?

I guess some people are just too stupid. Tomorrow I’m sitting for my English and Science test. Like I said, I hate Science. What hope does it has for me anyways? I’ll of course try my best, and this time it is until 4 pm. I’m having lunch at Priyaa’s.

Judging by mu blog, you knew I came online and prolly won’t do well in my PMR right? I’m thinking the same. But I’m going to study now.


best friends (bff)

Posted in friends, husshed secret, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on September 29, 2006 by aku

Best friends. What are they? Of course, they are the person who brings your Do to Re, Mi and wipes your tear every time you cry. The shoulder to lie on, the ears you can talk to, the mouth that will scold you whenever you are wrong and so much more. Of course, the true best friend is very hard to find.

I, myself admit that I’m not a good best friend and I feel guilty about it. Knowing that someone needs you when they are sad and someone wants to lend your ears to whenever they are pissed, and lots more.

Today, I don’t know. I just feel really weird. I think I was hyper that’s why. I talked non stop. This is one of my negative sides. Whenever I get hyper, I talk a lot and some things that are not meant to be told may slip out. But, I think none slipped.

Like my previous post, I mentioned about cleaning up the tables and sorts. Like I guessed, The Malays sat there staring and using the reason that they are fasting. Honestly, I don’t give a damn if you are fasting. It’s your damn table. Get it yourself. Anastasia got pissed. We all stopped and went down, to eat. I think they can handle it themselves.

I took my tablets late, since I totally forgot about the time. Technically, I can’t eat for another 30 minutes. But I insisted, since I didn’t eat anything last night and I haven’t sleep for like, 17 hours straight. And I’m not sleepy! So I ate sausages and some squid sambal. It was delicious, but then… I forgot, I can’t eat sambal, since it spicy and I might get a tummy ache.

That was when we were listening to this boring lecture which I wasn’t paying attention to. We began to talk about our families. I don’t know why I had to talk about daddy. I definitely miss daddy. A lot. I cried a pool there, I swore shen and ain was looking at me. So were the people behind me, I tried to hold back. But it only gotten worst, pravinah was asking why and why. But I couldn’t bother her. I just continued crying till my baju kurung, was half wet. I didn’t know I cry that much. I mean the kain lah, not the baju. After a while, the tummy ache reacted and begun to get this sudden shocks that make me want to puke.

I went to the toilet, there I saw roshni. I was okay at first, and then I vomited everything I ate. I looked like I cried, and I sat in the girl’s changing room with roshni and Anastasia. We began talking about our family lives again, it was weird actually. The room was quiet, like the pace of peace and serenity. I don’t know why, of all places to fess up in the cubical of silence, we had to do it in the toilet. But we really threw everything out, almost cried too.

I confronted Visha, not me actually. All of us, she told us that she can’t tell us, afraid she might be like me. End up in tears, sobbing. She is afraid to see herself cry, I suppose? Visha and Priyaa are the two of my closest friends who hardly cries. They don’t share stuff with us, sometimes I don’t know why I even tell them, when it’s only a one way connection?
Some how, we wont drifts away easily! I know that. Being in smooth and rough times with them had thought me how to tolerate them. I know, one day when they are ready, they will tell us. But I still feel hurt.

But I tagged along in the game of “mohon maaf” today. Instead of seriously saying sorry, I made dumb jokes and made people laugh. Some cried. Sorry. They told me something about not being able to hear that joke again, err? I think her screw is on too tight. All I said was “I’m so sorry if I ever called you monkey, stupid, idiot… I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to the ginjal but not the rectum since I’m going to let it out in the toilet later”

But it was funny when I told Nikko though, I told him “NIKKKK, SORRY I CALLED YOU MUNGGEN, STUPID, IDIOT, CRAZY, CRACK POT OK OK OK OK” I merely forced him to say okay actually. Jo, the ultra smart brainy guy in form 3 was the best, he just had a “huh” expression on him when I said “Jo, I never ejek you but I want to say sorry okkkk??” and I began to shout to everyone sorry, sorry. Told you I was hyper.

I’m still hyper and not sleepy now. And I’m dehydrated. Roshni said I’m not eating right, Hello??? I’m eating like a pig here! Aaaaa, PMR 2 days ahead. I’m not ready. SERIOUSLY!!

I’m just printing a few pictures. Then I’m off to study maths.
Cheerio dudes.

lied and laughed about.

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on September 27, 2006 by aku

Hmm. today, as planned we celebrated Priyaa’s and Nithya’s birthday. Although, I have to admit when someone told me “Kris, you bought them cake right..? but what did they bought for you on your birthday?” In some way, it did made me wonder. What would I get back in return? I spent all my birthday money which i planned to use to go out next month after PMR on their birthday gifts and the cake, but yet on my birthday none of them remembered till I told them Amir, Anastasia and Zunaid was the first to wish me. I was a bit bummed.

I know I and Anastasia fought that day. But its all okay now. I’ve been a jerk to you know. I forget everything and tried not to remind myself about what happened. Although some of us, still kind of pissed with her. Trust me, it wasnt what I planned or told them. Everyone of us know her character, except for some.

I was glad everyone enjoyed the cake and cracked a few jokes.. and there was ONE uninvented guest. SHUBA. heee.. We never did invited her to join us, but she tagged along. But thank God she wasnt a burden or sorts. teehee.

Today we went to tuition as usual, with the help of felix i got the best sit in the house, or shall i say.. room. it was very comfy sitting there, cept’ for one thing. The guy behind me kept kicking my leg. I think he was sleeping. So I didnt bother. I placed my leg forward. Yet, his leg kept coming near. After the science class, i heard the sleepy dude behind me telling to his friend that my hair is nice because it suited My chemical romance. Gosh, such posuers. Cant he say Gerard Way or something? MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I bet he only knows Helena and I’m not Okay (I promise). Its not like Im a die hard fan of them or something, it just pisses me off when there are wannabes.

There are many types. HipHopper wannabes, Punk wannabes, and etc. Hiphopper are the ones with extremely drooping pants that make you feel disgusted by the thought its gonna fall any times soon. The punk wannabes are the dudes with really tight pants that make you think that their balls might be cooked up in there, and as everyone in form 3 knows. You can be mandul. The girls are just typical, u know wrist bands, spikes.. blabla. You can see this around KLCC and stuff, the perfect “hang out” spot. heh?

So on my way back from tuition, as usual Kai-Kai will stand beside me. Talking and commenting on stuff, then a woman was passing through, which i have to admit was trying hard to push me back. Then Kai-Kai said, “This woman’s ass is really irritating” Then i made the “SHE HEARD THAT” look and Kai-Kai said “SHIT” I certainly laughed my ass out on that.

Then later, there was this guy was sleeping. And I swear i saw saliva dripping! His head was tilting and almost hit me, i was terrified that he might drop on me.And that time a lady (which i didnt know till maduras, was prada’s mum!) she helped me wake that guy up. Heee. That guy was disgusting when he wiped his saliva on his pants!

Oh yeah, before I end this really looooong day, there was this perverted bloody mamak tried to touched my thighs in wasbudi where i smacked his hands and he smiled pervertedly. Then i grabbed the GoodDay chocolate milk and walked to the counter, there he tried his luck again. I gave the “you touch me again, and i swear i make the horse fuck you this time!”. His wife came and he behaved. Good Fucked up mamak. Ergh. Btw, I finished my maths with the help of Katryn’s irritating teaching. Whenever I get irritated by her, my answers are correct. LMAO.

Gooosh, that was long. I wouldnt blame you if you didnt read. Thank anyways for those who read. 🙂

Err, izzit 5 or 4 days more ah?
Im confused.

aaaaaaaaa, crap!

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on September 13, 2006 by aku

today in school, remember i told u bout rosh poking me during exams. yep, we got the papers back. haha, i flunked weyy. i didnt care. paper 2 BM was like the bomb! cuz’ i got a reli reli high mark *phew* but paper 1 was like “oh, fuck!”. LMAO.

but over all, it was a B. rosh got an A. on the spot. *hugs* i pity farah tho, teachers ahhh. nver told us Deli wasnt the watak utama. how the f’ we know rite? and sooo she goes on blahhhh-ing about stuff. farah was pissed. but girl, sapu cili on her face the next test, k? *hugs*

wai lun‘s karangan was the funniest. Azmi bear bear, Roshni, Capik tutpik and I was laughing at it. i was reading it like crazy. 😀

there was this line he said “ayah terpaksa menggunakan jalan kampung kerana tiada duit untuk membayar tol” haha. then he later he wrote “tanpa membuang masa lagi, saya menelefon ambulans menggunakan Sony Ericsson E700i saya”. Out of the blue Visha commented “Oi, duit tada mau bayar tol, tiba tiba ada handphone mahal, banyak cantik” HAHA. then there was the other part in the story where a Honda F sumthin sumthin terbabas kat tepi jalan. and he asked his dad to stop the car. but his dad ignored. then it goes “tanpa menlengahkan masa lagi, saya menarik brek kecemasan. kereta saya berputar beberapa kali, tapi akhirnya berhenti” haha. BERPUTAR! why not bergolek? stupid no? and it went onn.. “saya membuat C.P.R kepada lelaki tersebut selama 10 minit sehingga ambulans sampai.” 10 MINUTES!?#$@$ u gotta be kidding!

capik, rosh, bear bear and i was laughing like hell. wai lun could only defend himself by saying “whaaat???” haha. azmi kept saying “cina cina.” well, not in a descriminating way was definately funny!

btw, anastasia told sats off today cuz he kept bugging roshni. anastasia said to us “how can he come here, in front of visha and pretend like its okay to hurt her feelings? acting all innocent.”
well, its true. grr. Visha should scar his face, and we know now.. perhaps. PERHAPS. rubini was behind all this. and sats like prada? its like, SHE IS WAYYYY TALLER THAN HER LAH. that guy still not over nini kot. he needs a tight slap from us, seriously.

she made my birthday a breakup day. IDIOT.

grr, feel my claws..
and rosh, u like sazzy rite? click her blog

birthday girl today.

Posted in friends, school, Self Proclaimed on September 12, 2006 by aku


my friends, how could u guys forget my birthday
i thought i never want to forgive you guys
i almost wanted to erase or try to forget priyaa’s birthday. altho i remember every single birthday *since got nothing bttr to do* and oi rosh, bile modem ok laa?

aaa. back to story. ain n afiq gave me chocolates. yummm. 😛
and then in class, i was a bit wanna mrajuk but i always end up laughing weyyy. haha. abdil, capik toothpick, wailun, bearbear, lock man and etck sang me happy bday song i was like PINK oredi. blushing like gila. haha. than i said thx and abdil as usual trying to be cheeky “kris, kiss mana?” hahhaa. thats funny. not. 😛

so then, science. i spend the entire time boring roshni half to death. i can see her face. haha. and visha. studying for kh. go go go, make that biatch proud! then it was rehat. just like that. visha wanted to belanja me desprtly! so i let her buy me laksa which i almost choked on when the ENTIRE form 3 students in the canteen starting so sing. roshni looked retarded cuz she was screaming. love u retarded! hahahhahaahahahahahhaha. ok thats mean. roshni kept saying “we all just keep quiet just becoz ur birthday u noe” i know u all miss my becok mouth laa. hahaha. if it wasnt my bday i know roshni wud hav said “oi, shuddup or i give u a nice tight slap!”

so it was fun when everyone came later and say “yo, bday girl” “hey kris, happy bday” some passed chipsmore, some passed chocolates. piyah gave me ribena. thank goodness.! nagesh kept drinking mine. i finished the old one n gave her the box and laughed like an ass that i am. 😛

so back to class, we were eating. visha was sad. btw, i made sats pissed off. haha. serves u right. grr. u make her sad on my bday. idiot guy. ok not idiot. 😀

so well, pn kamallyah came in for relief. she was annoying. and our gang, the immortal radicals so called was bitching bout sats. well, rosh n i made a remake of “listen to the rhythm of the falling rain”. most of it roshni, but hey. i sang too. horribly. gaga.

then off to tuition. zunaid gave me a present. n i made friends with WS n james. wee. no no its not that james from hulubalang town! they were sweet. and they wished me happy bday too.

going back was the bad part. i think someone’s bitching bout zunaid. and veena got upset. and stuff.. aihhh.. but zunaid was trying to be cheeky buy saying he is short n fat. AAAA. he is making me feel bad, but he made me smirk and smile. haha.
and did i mention he was the only one who gave me a pig?
its sooo cute
and wobbly.

the two front piggies he gave.

goshies, now im sms them like crazy.
hey, those are not mention below. i know if ur reading this
u wished me oredi laaaa
cuz i might refered u to the website or u clicked it in my myspace
love u guys tooooo bitttzzzzzzzzz.!!!!

muah muah

n im officially 15. yey! another 3 years. hmm.