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its been a while.

Posted in Life on March 21, 2008 by aku

Hello Friends, kita ketemu kembali.

Such a rough, rough week I must say. Results being all not that great and urgh, the amount of zits on my face. I’ve been pacing a lot lately.

Anywho, yesterday was a holiday and I didn’t go to school due to Good Friday. Yesterday I spent my morning/afternoon in Johnnie’s house. He was busy with his liquor. Haha. His garden was full of frog, and living room with DUCKS and BEERR, VODKA! I didn’t drink okay, I don’t drink 🙂

I went to tuition today, was pretty late so I skipped a class and hung around in Popular. I purchased a guitar book. I’m no good in guitar but I’m trying to learn pretty soon. Wai Lun offered to change my guitar strings and detune it. Awww. How sweet. Hehe. He is a dear 🙂 *pelukketat*

Went to classes with Ain and Amir. Met up with the looking pissed Hadi. Studied Chem and Physics. Wasn’t paying much attention though. 🙂

Now I’m home, the taste of full cream milk is still in my tongue. Yucky yet, hmmm. Okay. Haha. 🙂 Thanks Amir.

I think I’m gnna sleep, since I’m going to school tomorrow, then rush to tuition 🙂 Either one. Tata.


Saddy Daddy

Posted in Mumbles on March 18, 2008 by aku

I wrote this for a friend I knew and what she went through. Its amazing to see such a strong person from a well, different background. Here it goes..

When I was six, or something like that,
I learnt a sad truth about my dad
of course at that time, i don’t know what it meant,
but later, it was months since he and I met.

I thought he was busy,
you know, working hard for the money,
but a sad truth, and like a bad spanish story,
my life was like a telenovela on the TV.

My mum and him constantly fought,
But I was young, what was I to do?
He would come back, once in a blue moon,
and often left before it was noon.
Then, it would be months till I’ll see his old shoes.

One fine day, he came back home,
I wasn’t ecstatic, why? I don’t know.
I brought myself to ask him this
“Pa, why are you always far away?”
He just gave me a smile and he just said
“No, no baby. Papa will be here now to stay”
I would jump to mum who’s in the kitchen
I would tell her what dad had told,
She gave me an expression, I cannot explain
And this is what she said
“What is a fraud mummy?” I would ask,
Papa who heard quickly dashed
Into the kitchen he went, right at the back
They started yelling, Mummy was crying,
I took cover behind that big rice sack.
Dad quickly grabbed the keys and to the car,
I ran to him, “PAAA! Where you AREE….”
Mum grabbed my hand and said “Papa’s going far”

And thats the last I’ve heard of him
Papa, Where are you?


Posted in the other blahs on March 18, 2008 by aku

Everyday, without fail I will religiously log in into my myspace, hoping for i don’t know what.

Everyday without fail, I will read the pointless bulletin hoping for something interesting.

EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGDAY, I would get some lousy email from someone who is too stupid to change his/her password.

EVERYSINGLEFREAKINGMINUTE, someone would post some pointless bulletin ranting about how she/he is bored and wants people to comment him/her.

ALMOSTEVERYDAY, I get a comment from someone asking me hows my day although he/she had asked me 2 hours ago.

ALMOSTEVERYMIDDLEOFTHENIGHTWHENIMONLINE, someone would ask me if i’ve already eaten/bathe/kissedmyboyf/huggedmysmellypillow. *KNOCKS HEAD ON THE MONITOR*

ALMOSTALLTHETIME, people forget whats my race and goes on being a racist and denies once told.

ALMOSTEVERYSECOND, I laugh at these stupid yet significant things.

EVERYSINGLEBREATHITAKE, I thank my lucky stars for not allowing me to go online all the time and laugh at this. And now, I shall go laugh some more.

now everybody’s funny.

Posted in school on March 17, 2008 by aku

Not like every other monotonous morning, the comical classmate who was trying to cover up his nonsense says,



The thing about this teacher is she doesn’t tolerate nonsense. She doesn’t really have this crazy sense of humour (actually, today is the first time she cracked a joke.. lol) and is always in her PMS mood. No one dares to mess with her except the funny guys in class. My class is a funny class. The people is funny, the decorations are funny, the position of the class is funny.. heck, everything is funny about the class. I used to find myself hating the class because its too darn funny that I may die of funniness. lol. but today, is the actual day i can die from laughing at the usually pms teacher’s joke.

kudos to her. smile always. don’t pms. haha 🙂
okayyy, back to counting numbers.


Posted in Life on March 16, 2008 by aku

Sigh. Hours before the tests 🙂 Surprisingly, feeling okay. I have Biology tomorrow but I’m reading up Chemistry. Haha.

My heads been in roller coaster mood lately. I don’t know why. Anywho, yesterday I went to tuition as usual. With Ain. At first, the plan was to go alone but Ain called just in time and told me she would come. Her niece is coming over later than expected. On the way back from tuition I met Elsa. The quirky, bubbly girl. She first thought Ain was someone else because of her Jawa-nese look.
Even the tuition teacher thought she wasn’t Malay. Haha.

Fast forward to today..
Went to church. Got blessed with holy water again and again. Haha. I was stuck in the swarm of people who wanted the palms to be blessed.

In KLCC I met Vanessa and Pamela Chong. The girls from Amazing Race Asia. I didnt really meet them lah. But they were right in front of me, at first… I took a look at Vanessa, not knowing it was her. She looked like Megan Fox (YES, THAT HOTTT GIRL FROM TRANSFORMERS). I nudged my sister and asked her to look. And my sister said “EHHHH, THATS PAMELA AND VANESSA LAH!”

I was like, OMG. Hahaha. They look so pretty in real life. They are pretty in TV. But prettier when you see them face to face!

Anyways, I got to go. TESTS! Sigh 🙂


Posted in the other blahs on March 15, 2008 by aku

AHHHHHH. Okay this might sound a little lame, but I stupidly deleted my blogger and I stumbled across my 2 years ago blog, which is this!
OMG. how I missed my lame rants. Hahaha.

I’ve been reading it for an hour and decided I’m gonna continue crapping over here 🙂
Soo hoorah. I’m in no mood whatsoever to blog right now.
So I’ll post a real post soon okay?

Sayang everyone *MUAH*