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The last post for the year ;)

Posted in Self Proclaimed on December 7, 2006 by aku

The Bottom Line

Getting organized is easier than ever today. Your energy is high; your focus, sharp.
In Detail

Getting more organized is easier than ever today — your energy level is sky high, and your focus is razor sharp. So if you have been waiting for a time to rearrange a closet or tackle an unruly filing cabinet, today is the day. You have a great ability to create order out of chaos right now, so use it! You will have fun with whatever method you choose, whether it’s as simple as color-coding folders or as complicated as coding a computer program.

Right, and I’m a psyhic. I havent pack. Flight is tonight, and.. I’m blardee organized today? I’m sure something would go wrong, it always does. Please God, Let me bring the charger this time. And the camera’s tripod too! Please, Please.

Blogger is pissing me off. Well, I thought I would leave something behind you know a message or sumsort in case gone-gone case there in Philippines. And blogger changed quite a bit. Looks even better, and logging in quicker. 😉 Props to WordPress.

I’m suppose to change for our last minute christmas shopping but I decided to be the first one to bathe so that I can post a post or smtg, but blogger had to go wrong. SIGH.

Oh well, I’m listing down what should I buy now. I sound like a housewife going shopping for groceries. LMAO.
And I’m very sleepy, very very. And a bit hungry.

And Mr EYF and Roshni, I wanted to put the ‘Hey there delilah’ but then.. you know la. blogger went cookoo.. 😦

Oh yeah, Rosh, Amir, Eyf, Vee, Cheryl, Faiz, MQ, Nick, Fich, Zoe, Jess and the other readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (Altho I’ll be back before new year, or NOT)

And my cutiepie Johnnie and Mr Grumps Ivan, Happy Birthday. Well, Ivan’s bday is today. So, watta heck.. Happy 15th Bday.. You’re finally 15? What la 😛

I pray I’ll get showered with gifts,
(Thats like, never gonna happen)