Yesterday I tried to blog, but I couldnt access my account and when I did.. The post wasnt saved and couldnt be viewed. All my time wasted to find the clip from youtube. Grr.

Hey rosh, congrats on being stucked to the tv, thanks to mr.s! Ranma 1/2 is a really old anime afterall, but hilarious! When are you going to get a blog anyways? Ish.

Hmm, yesterday I was fussing over mummy trying to use the pc to watch my girl, and i was hoping for her to buy a router. and guess what? This doesnt usually happen, but.. MUMMY BOUGHT A ROUTER. hehe. The man in the store tried to act funny or smtg. I simply kacau him back, till he finally stopped acting funny.

I lost my temper while fixing it up just now. Now its A-okay, even faster than the previous modem. 😀

Today I saw a mat salleh and a chinese lady gado at the parking lot. Boy was it bad, the car I mean. There was this malay dude was near the butt of my mum’s car, then when we all looked behind and gave him the “wtf” face, he eventually went it the other row and quietly left the main road. hee. 😛

Im going to church for evening mass today, since we were totally late for mass today considering the jamm and havoc the people are making due to the last day sales…

And I witnessed a punjabi lady dancing at klcc, (the tgh tgh bulat thinggy where ppl put the jumbo wambo). she wasnt a dancer, simply dancing lah tu. but it was fun. my sis had henna on her hand.. and my bro is calling to watch hannah montana. her voice is really irritating. the way she talks… I cant stand watching it. deh.

Im off to a change of clothes now. TA-TA

current mood : hyper
current song : doraemon theme song


One Response to “phew!”

  1. tee hee
    ranma 1/2 is funny
    little perverto..

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