friday the 13th

Mummy is okay already about the phone thing. =] But Im still not happy about it, yet I’m cheerful as always.
You know, when you are walking about and looking at stuff, and people just come up to you and offer you some stuff which is a total dope, and wont leave you until you purchase it from them? Mummy kena today, but I.. the supermangirl for the day.. told the man “hari tu dah tipu, nak tipu lagi ye?” and the man said in reply, ohh, sori. So, he did lie?

And so did I. We bought loads of stuff today and my body aches like shit. I think because we took 2 rounds of roller coaster and spinning around thinggy yesterday. I feel like sleeping, but I’m too lazy to sleep. So yeah, about the buying things stuff, I bought cucumber for no good reasons and loads of biscuits. =]

I’m still looking for my phone although it is lost somewhere. Today I woke up and was searching for it, then.. I realised. Oh, I lost it yesterday. Then Rosh, gave me a call. And Rosh, thanks for the call and comfort. How was school anyways?

I’m imagining people dying with saliva dripping out as boring phrases and quotes of rich and famous people being preached to the ears of the young ones. Seriously, its after PMR lah. Give us a break, why you think we come to school for? To listen to some blah blah blah speaches? If I was in school with my buds today, I would be in the toilet. Doing something less attractive, yet fun. And no, its not something dirty. Geez.

I watched The Death of The Supermodels today. Funny movie. #1 supermodel with armpitt hair? Funny. A fat booty-licious supermodel? Thats Beyonce mann. But the actress wasnt Beyonce. A chinese looking model, but actually a man.. HA-HA. I laughed my ass out this one. But, they are real supermodels.. but none of them do any of those stuff lah.

I dont know what to do now. Maybe I’ll jsut load My Girl korean drama for mummy and let her use the pc.

If anything comes up, leave me a note.. (as in a comment lah)

Current mood: Sleepy
Current song playing: Arigatou


5 Responses to “friday the 13th”

  1. I’m happy that your mum cooled down. Don’t be so down kays? My girl? ur mum’s into my girl?aihh byknyerk org suka citer tuh..

  2. immortal_radical! Says:

    does dat min u cn go out edi??????

  3. dear immortal_Radical,

    my mum never really mind me going out, its just me. Im the one who doesnt want to go out, scared something else might get lost. call it, trauma.

  4. immortal_radical! Says:

    haiya kwish..dun wori la..nxt tim u go out,i janjiw i cum ok….nywan try 2 curik nytn..i sepak skali his ding-dong bell smpai his juniors al bcum cacat!!!!!!!! n den il tel hm…”watch hu ur messin wit…punk/rempit/hopper/ordinary pickpocketer!!(d’pendz on hu it is la….)hehehe..ur welcum btw!!!!!tc…..

  5. immortal_radical! Says:

    ya n one mre thang…change ur blog nyew theme la!!! i xsukew diz color….(undr d impression dat evitn goes undr my wordz ONLY!!!!) hehehehehe…..i lykd da previous wan….n da wan bpor dat 2…tc….hugs!!! guess wat..i gt hookd up wit ranma 1/2!!! thanx 2 MR.S!!!!

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