why a good day must always end bad?

Its been a month since I’m 15, and yes.. Its Nantha’s birthday. His sister and my sister are coincidently born on the same date. And, I am older than him exactly a month. Talking about freaky… To be honest, I’m sorry guys.. I’m trying to sound as happy as I can. You know, crying in a huge mall can be a little bit embarrassing. Wait, hold on to that sad moment as I cherish the happy ones for now. Hmm.. Where should I begin?

I finally met Jessie and I like her haircut. She looks the same though. We had a blast, especially on the bumper car. How can I forget that? Anastasia had a hard time handling it though. How they (Tasia and Jessie) lost their phone and wallet but managed to get it back. Unfortunate for me though, I had a hard time with the receptionist. She was a bit pissed, but I apologised.

Hmm, I lost my phone today. After ushering Tasia and Nantha out, we decided to hit the arcade. At that point, somehow I can’t recall if it was still with me. It was at my side pocket and I was wearing such loose pants so I can’t really feel the presence of my phone. Usually the piggie hangs out the pocket, but it had fallen off somewhere in the bumper car. *sigh*

I tried to find, and I cried.. A lot. I was so sad that I wanted to leave right away. Calling mummy made it worst, she never comforted me or anything, but she blamed me. Just great. I was still in deep shock that time, such slick move done by someone. I never lost anything valuable in my entire life before this. (Besides daddy) I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or totally dramatic, but I don’t know what to do next. Should there be a police report? Or should I get my sim back? God knows. I’m so f’ked up right now.

There were loads of pictures in that handphone. The SMS-es, the numbers. God, did I ever did a large sin to be punish like this? Its not fair. Honestly. I was so sad when I got home and mummy started to yell “SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY BACK THAT HANDPHONE. I BOUGHT IT NEARLY 2000 PLUS.” At that particular moment, I felt a sudden rush to say “WHERE IS YOUR BRAINS?”
Even the hawker in Yick Heng asked me why I was so pale. She isn’t considerate. No one is really making me feel any better.

Talking about it just makes me more sad. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just cleaned the house and followed Lilian Tiu’s (FUNNY?) advise on susun-ing the perabut.

I feel like crying again. Have fun everyone.


8 Responses to “why a good day must always end bad?”

  1. srry I can not say anything to comfort you.

  2. immortal_radical! Says:

    hey babez…rely rely sori abt ur fn dear…hey,luk at da brite sight,at lis it wasn ur fn!!!(ip dat mde u feel btr,wic i awfully tink NO cuz it myt f juz mde it worse dat itz nt urz…)lah gurl..tk it ez la..evibody makez mistake rite..no wanz purrrr-fect ain’t they???chillex la bruder..i min…sisturrrr..i min sISTA!!!!(hah..baru betoi!!)..okay i rely suck in makn jokes…so im sori ip i mde u cry by readn my horrible sickenin throwin’-upING jokez k…sumbody plis hit me ard!!!!!!chillex k..il c0l u up 2mro n v’l f a sista t0k abt diz…try da ‘lost n found’ in timz square..m’be u dropped it instead op it gt st0len…chill babez….ur my 0prah,u cnt b p0ssibly breakn dwn…hehehehehe!!plis laf…0 smile at lis..u n0e dat cute smile…like diz wan =))) (nw datz a triple smile)i duwan diz face.. ='( it doesn luk gud on ya’!it NEVER did…..listen 2 da 0ldiez i gave ya’..it myt b op sum elp u n0e….tc baby gurl(sista)!!may j0y b wateva wateva on u….all hail ceaser..i i meant JESUS…ya!!okay!im getn LAME edi!!c0l up sam sambal..m’b he cn cheer u up a lil bit…d0ncha tink????oh ya..tel ur sis i wishd er..ip itz nt 2 l8 yet..hehehehe…alarrrr….smile larrrr!!!! =9 (ur HORNY smile..)

  3. immortal_radical! Says:

    sory p0r da XXXXXXXXXXXX-tremely SHORT comment k..at lis i tryd 2 c0mf0rt u..nt like mr/ms MQ..hehehe..no 0ffence MQ,juz tryn 2 mk frenz..wakakaka!f a guddie nighttie chleep k kwishy my bestie chikadee(ip datz hw nik spellz it!!!!)…tc!!

  4. oi rosh. mq tu ines la ngek!
    haha, neways im cool bout it.

    unless someone brings it up tomoro
    there is more to the story but im to horrible to right it up.
    read the posts tomoro keyh!

  5. khairulJohari Says:

    cik kristina, i feel sory about wat happened to you n ur fn.. relax la beb.. sedih bley.. jgn lebih2 beb. *oh! i sound like rempit, did i??* chill. hehe.. i got my own probs. u got urs. not cool at all.bye

  6. come on.. i honestly don’t know what to say cuz I have problems of my own, ok? i mean these things happen. not much u can do.. srry kris.

  7. encik johari,thanks for being veri concern. =]
    yeah, everyone has their probs. my mum finally stopped talking abt it. i guess she found out im really guilty for losing it afterall. so everything is a-ok, except the fact that tasia still thinks i need time for it. i seriously do.

    and miss MQ,
    yeah. no one can do anything about it. im aware of it. thanks newayss..

    love u guys

  8. immortal_radical! Says:

    o…MQ=INES…..maner i ta0???haih…kwish,byk betoi owg nk komen kat blog ngko nie…pames(famous ip u din gt dat..u noe,”rempit” slang??) gilerrrr!!!! respek arrr…

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