Mellow and slow.

I couldnt sleep last night, to be frank.. My thoughts were all about animes. I was thinking about their names, their characters and i was even predicting the next episode. I decided to rest at about 12.30am, and after “dreaming” and asuming the next episodes it was already 5. And, it started to rain, and I finally had my good night morning sleep at 6.30. Thats when my sis started to yell at my bro to wake up. Yeesh.

Later, I woke up about 10. And guess what? The bro didnt go to school. And, get this straight… If one brother doesnt go, neither does the other. The youngest always get it his way whenever mummy forces him to go to school. He thinks he is wayy better than all his classmates. Can’t blame him. He is the top boy in class, that means he gets bullied often. Not a tough guy after all, eh?

Besides, my eldest sibling followed my mum to work. Thank God, she saved me the oxygen to say the least. Anywho, if she didnt follow mummy, she would prolly stick her ears to the phone. Yapping about her exam, I wonder… How can her mouth take all that yapping. I think my lips would get blisters by talking that long. Hmm..

I went out with Tasia today. Not really outing or something, just to the pharmacy. She wanted to get a pumice stone or something like that for her legs. She cares for her skin, you know. Thank God I dont have crack heels. *smiles* But I do have acne skin. *grins*

Anywho, we ate McD later on and talking about Ouran and stuff.. We saw Pek in McD. He really put on some weight and Tasia says he has more pimples all over his face. I bet its stress. Definately stress. People eat a lot when they are stressed up and tend to get imbalanced hormones or something. So yeah, blame the stress.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna meet Jessie! *note, check the other blahs on the right hand corner for her blog* Oh yeah, MQ.. Leave me your blog address as a comment, nak letak kat tepi lah!
Aih, and its the monkey’s birthday too. Lazy to layan him, but what to do. He is one of my best guy friend afterall. That means, we are gonna hang around the mall. Weee… =]

Oh, my sis is already bugging me. Just have a good night rest everyone.. and get your fingers clicking on these few links below.

Make my day, yours.

• Does it matter, even if its family?

• So much for ‘Macam-macam Ada

• Stop condemning each other already

Current mood: Hungry
Current song: She’s the one – Robbie W.

p/s: im a hungry comment person, do leave me a comment :p


2 Responses to “Mellow and slow.”

    nyeh mq..
    sedapnya MCD…
    tak puasa..
    hantar gi JAIS..

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