shame on me.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

I don’t know what got over me these days.
Here is a confession. Hear it loud, hear it clear. I am an anime freak. I’ve been watching anime for 28hours straight. And I’m not bored of it. I have this funny feeling in my guts that makes me want to be in that anime, rather than living in this real world. I think I’m obsessed. Do you think so?

Oh, yeah.. I dont think I want to go out on Thurs. Considering, I dont want my sister to use the pc. I know its selfish, but at the same time I want to meet Jessie. So, its on. To tell Roshni and Nantha that I’m backing out was like saying No to God or something. Hmm..

I’ve been watching Ouran Highschool since morning and its already the 20th episode. Another 6 and its done. I haven’t even finish watching Chobits. Talking about FREAKK. I got bored of myspace, friendster and msn so long ago. Am I losing humans over some animated stuff? Someone snap be back to reality please,? At least, I’m still blogging. Teehee.

Chobits is another few episode till its done. I think I’m going to move on to watching bleach and the last episode of Kyou Kara Maou that I’ve been dying to watch but holding it in until it is aired on animax. Nahhhh, I rather wait. Hmm… Girl from Hell haven’t been aired yet. *scratches head*

Is my blog entirely about animes today? YEAPP.
AAAAAAAA… How does it feel if a set of twin, a total hottie and a jock fell in love with you and you havent got a clue? To me, SICKENING. But watching it, makes me blush. HA-HA.

For a girl who dresses up like a guy, but the one who makes her dresses up as a guy falls for her? In real life, what a hoax. In anime, is like watching the prince turn into a frog. Go figure.

As for me, I ditched WWE for anime today. You know why. Plus I saw the results at WWE.COM. Same old stuff, Jeff Hardy is less entertaining these days rather than the era of Hardy Boys. Kane left RAW. What happened to the other brother, Undertaker? Oh yeah, he is busy battling against John Cena but lost too.

The matches are predictable. Even the so-called undefeatable Umaga, obviously defeated Kane. *yawns*
I’m going to continue watching Ouran Highschool. And hopefully I find some mangas there in times.

Well, I’m off now.
Have fun, and dont get hooked up to animes like me, trust me.. You’ll never leave it alone.


Current Mood: Addicted
Current Song Playing In Head: Let me be with you – [The voice of Chii lah sang it.. grr.]


2 Responses to “shame on me.”

  1. immortal_radical! Says:

    oi!!!lu byk cantik la….i alm0st leave at lis wan comment on each blog ta0!!!!u cho bad…..sob sob…. X'[

  2. seriously there is nothing wrong with watching anime for heaven’s sake u finished pmr rite enjoy it how ever u want no matter anime or porn….. ok sry bout that no porn watch anime as much as u want and enjoy it cuz thats the most important thing ENJOYYYYYYY
    have fun at the party or sum sort

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