acid + alkali = neutral

We finally planned it.
It going to be on Thursday, the monkey’s birthday.. Times Square.
I’m not sure who is going, but the people who in consideration are (chewaaahhhh);


Notice how i striked out Tasia’s name because I couldnt be bothered of her not coming. This is because she already told me that and I was prepared not to waste my time persuading her to come. [Uhh?, nvm]

So, I went to school today. Like the usual, LECTURE. Eh, wasnt really. We played a boring round of truth and dare. Not A round lah, there was like 4 boring rounds. Then I walked around looking at people as I munched down the energy bar i brought from home.

Then, after recess.. OF ALL MOVIES, Harry Potter. I just dont find Daniel Radcliffe attractive. I like Rupert and Tom though. Hmm.

I spent most of my time in the toilet, SMS-ing. The Burn Wall Bilik Persalinan to be exact. My ass were cold as ice. HAHA.

I guess nothing really happened to me today, except for the fact I’m really pissed that no one is leaving comments on my blog. đŸ˜¦
Okay, not pissed. Maybe just, bummed. You guys are mean. =D

Current Mood: Boo-Ang.
Current Song Playing In Head: Momiji Onsen’s Song.


2 Responses to “acid + alkali = neutral”

  1. kesiannya…kk i leave u a comment yegh?actually i’ve been readn ur blog, but malas nk komen >

  2. hey i gave comment for almost all of ur blog rite
    how could u say that? even that comment had no point watsoeva there still was a comment rite just to show u that i read ur blogs? haizzzzzzz i dun know wat to say ady

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