finally, it’s over.

Finally, I’ve given everything. All I have to do is wait. I’ll be waiting with a box of tissues and a pack of plaster. I know I won’t score well in my PMR. Honestly, this is what I think I will score:

B.Melayu – B/C
English – A
Maths – A/B
Science – A/B
History – C/B
Geography – B
K. Hidup – B [ I have no confidence to say I’ll get a good score though]

Overall that is, 3A,3B,1C or Worst. Time will tell. As for now, I’m going to watch a lot of anime =]
Good luck for those who are taking final year papers.


One Response to “finally, it’s over.”

  1. aiyaa dun woli la u sure will get good mark.. ps this is through my experience..listen u have more or less than 3 month from now and u reallly have to enjoy it neva worry bout ur results wat so eva cuz rite after u get ur result u cant enjoy properly so u betta make as much as u can of wat u have rite now………….

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