Save The Drama For Your Mama

HISTORY SUCKSSS. I suck. I definately do. =( It was effin tough. Eventhough I could copy Tasia’s answer, who she by the way was willingly showing it to everyone (who sits around her), I just didnt. I know I should go all bangga-bangga right about now, but I just knew that I wont feel this way. The feelings of having your dreams crushed.

I slept between times that was something I didnt want to do. When i woke up, i scribbled on my paper “Dreams are meant to come true, but I know mine is meant to be crushed” Pessimist. Arent I?

Tomorrow is KH. I know getting a really high score for trial wouldnt worry me, but recently for the G.G2 i got a C. I’m scared of that. Amir, Chung, Nantha wouldnt bother. Cause they are only technical, and we are like HOME ECONOMICS. which i admit, do terrible in it.

Friday is Geography. and yeay, I’m on merdeka. If you could see my expression right now, its not the ‘yeay, i won 10000000 bucks’ look. its more like ‘my neighbour ate my mum’ look. although would be jumping around.

Hmm, nothing much happened in school today except i finished 3 packs of tissue and laughed my ass out in Chong Hwa till i cried. Blame Nantha. =p

Tomorrow we are going back early. Im going stuff something on my throat on the way back, Toooooooodles.



2 Responses to “Save The Drama For Your Mama”

  1. yeah
    they said history was damn difficult

  2. hmm i really dun know wat to say just pray for tha best

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