quando quando

Gosh, I just got back from school! Phew! English and Science was definately like shit. Everyone studied for the wrong thing. I did however, told Roshni about the novels. =D Save call eh? I didnt worry much about novel since I love it like hell.

Science in the other hand was not my cup of tea. I can do well in paper one since I’m REALLY good at inky pinky ponkey! Everyone was busy studying about chlorination, electricity and etc. When it only came out otherwise. I, for one have to say.. I crashed like a computer. If only I could format myself and backup, backup!!! Sigh.

Roshni gave me a CD full of the oldies! Yeay, my favourite type of music. I’m listening to it like 3 times already. The whole 20 songs! Quando quando and sway is playing in my head. Uhmm, the second day of PMR already eh? To me, its not like PMR. Ask Wai Lun and Rosh, they would answer the same.

Just a few days more and I could feel the intense part of me jumping out and say “YEAY, FINALLY!” but of course in another 2 months I would be crying when I see my results. Or maybe not. My examanation results never really affected me in any way.

Today I after my English exam. I stared blankly at 4 Delta. “This could me my class next year?” that was playing in my mind. Then I look around 4 Ekuiti, where I was taking my exam and I felt like someone whispered to my ears “How about this?”

I didnt mind though. I just thought my sleepiness is knocking in. I slept a lot in class. I’m currently bloated after stuffing myself with Priyaa’s mum cooking. TASTY!

I think I’m going to study history now. Toodles!
Wish me luck on Maths and Science tomorrow *Waves*


2 Responses to “quando quando”

  1. Hey!

    Study hard, okayy! 🙂

  2. there is nthg wrong wit 4 delta and dun worry u will never go that class u will go to 4 alpha or beta or very least gamma but i think u will go to 4 beta………

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