best friends (bff)

Best friends. What are they? Of course, they are the person who brings your Do to Re, Mi and wipes your tear every time you cry. The shoulder to lie on, the ears you can talk to, the mouth that will scold you whenever you are wrong and so much more. Of course, the true best friend is very hard to find.

I, myself admit that I’m not a good best friend and I feel guilty about it. Knowing that someone needs you when they are sad and someone wants to lend your ears to whenever they are pissed, and lots more.

Today, I don’t know. I just feel really weird. I think I was hyper that’s why. I talked non stop. This is one of my negative sides. Whenever I get hyper, I talk a lot and some things that are not meant to be told may slip out. But, I think none slipped.

Like my previous post, I mentioned about cleaning up the tables and sorts. Like I guessed, The Malays sat there staring and using the reason that they are fasting. Honestly, I don’t give a damn if you are fasting. It’s your damn table. Get it yourself. Anastasia got pissed. We all stopped and went down, to eat. I think they can handle it themselves.

I took my tablets late, since I totally forgot about the time. Technically, I can’t eat for another 30 minutes. But I insisted, since I didn’t eat anything last night and I haven’t sleep for like, 17 hours straight. And I’m not sleepy! So I ate sausages and some squid sambal. It was delicious, but then… I forgot, I can’t eat sambal, since it spicy and I might get a tummy ache.

That was when we were listening to this boring lecture which I wasn’t paying attention to. We began to talk about our families. I don’t know why I had to talk about daddy. I definitely miss daddy. A lot. I cried a pool there, I swore shen and ain was looking at me. So were the people behind me, I tried to hold back. But it only gotten worst, pravinah was asking why and why. But I couldn’t bother her. I just continued crying till my baju kurung, was half wet. I didn’t know I cry that much. I mean the kain lah, not the baju. After a while, the tummy ache reacted and begun to get this sudden shocks that make me want to puke.

I went to the toilet, there I saw roshni. I was okay at first, and then I vomited everything I ate. I looked like I cried, and I sat in the girl’s changing room with roshni and Anastasia. We began talking about our family lives again, it was weird actually. The room was quiet, like the pace of peace and serenity. I don’t know why, of all places to fess up in the cubical of silence, we had to do it in the toilet. But we really threw everything out, almost cried too.

I confronted Visha, not me actually. All of us, she told us that she can’t tell us, afraid she might be like me. End up in tears, sobbing. She is afraid to see herself cry, I suppose? Visha and Priyaa are the two of my closest friends who hardly cries. They don’t share stuff with us, sometimes I don’t know why I even tell them, when it’s only a one way connection?
Some how, we wont drifts away easily! I know that. Being in smooth and rough times with them had thought me how to tolerate them. I know, one day when they are ready, they will tell us. But I still feel hurt.

But I tagged along in the game of “mohon maaf” today. Instead of seriously saying sorry, I made dumb jokes and made people laugh. Some cried. Sorry. They told me something about not being able to hear that joke again, err? I think her screw is on too tight. All I said was “I’m so sorry if I ever called you monkey, stupid, idiot… I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to the ginjal but not the rectum since I’m going to let it out in the toilet later”

But it was funny when I told Nikko though, I told him “NIKKKK, SORRY I CALLED YOU MUNGGEN, STUPID, IDIOT, CRAZY, CRACK POT OK OK OK OK” I merely forced him to say okay actually. Jo, the ultra smart brainy guy in form 3 was the best, he just had a “huh” expression on him when I said “Jo, I never ejek you but I want to say sorry okkkk??” and I began to shout to everyone sorry, sorry. Told you I was hyper.

I’m still hyper and not sleepy now. And I’m dehydrated. Roshni said I’m not eating right, Hello??? I’m eating like a pig here! Aaaaa, PMR 2 days ahead. I’m not ready. SERIOUSLY!!

I’m just printing a few pictures. Then I’m off to study maths.
Cheerio dudes.


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  1. i lost my words to comment on this blog. just remember i am ut good fren and u can rely on me for anything… ok? i will be there for u and good luck for ur pmr

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