hmm.. pmr already?

My mum seemed cool with me nowadays since I’m busy studying rather than sticking my nose to the monitor, chatting and bla bla bla. It really bothered me that day when Kavi asked me “So kristina, still chatting I see?” At that second, I felt like shooting her back by saying “So fcking what??” but being the I dont give a damn person I already am, I smiled and said “Yeah.”

Honestly, I am not that bright of a person.. like my sister always tell me. Although I’m better than her in maths. I regreted my gerak gempur maths paper 2. I shouldnt have slept. Or else, an A would have shone brightly at my face. Sigh. Hopes eh? But it did give me a large amount of energy to study hard! I’m afraid of history and geography. I hate it. Like Zunaid told me earlier, “hafal the maps lah!” But I hate it. History is easier, a bit. Its facts. But I hate science, blergh! I just dont know why. I hate paper 2. Writing. Honestly I suck at it. The only paper which is writing, im good at is.. English; Literature and Summary while Bahasa Melayu; Novel and Ringkasan dan Pemahaman. The rest paper 2, I can sleep at. If I continue being like this, how about form 4? Everything is subjective although it says Objective. Grr. Not fair. =(

I just finished killing myself in algebra a few minutes ago, now Im gonna continue ratio which is the EASIEST. I love ratio. Ehe. Tomorrow I have to go to school to know where I’m suppose to sit and sorts for PMR, this sucks. I’m so lazy to go to school tomorrow. ARGH. oh yeah, i didnt go today. And happy birthday, Nini. =)

Everything is going by so fast, it was like yesterday I started form 3 and sneaked upstairs so that i get the best place in class, ended up sitting at the back with Farah which really was a good thing too. =) Sigh, i wished i could pause here, after PMR.. I cant see Roshni anymore. Hmm.. How sad.

Tomorrow have to carry tables.. I wonder, how can the malays carry it when they are fasting? Its gonna be a hell of a miracle since my classmates are a bit lazy. HA-HA.



One Response to “hmm.. pmr already?”

  1. relax pmr is not soo tought unless u think so. try ur best and i am sure u can beat the rest….. till then ur fren…….

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