lied and laughed about.

Hmm. today, as planned we celebrated Priyaa’s and Nithya’s birthday. Although, I have to admit when someone told me “Kris, you bought them cake right..? but what did they bought for you on your birthday?” In some way, it did made me wonder. What would I get back in return? I spent all my birthday money which i planned to use to go out next month after PMR on their birthday gifts and the cake, but yet on my birthday none of them remembered till I told them Amir, Anastasia and Zunaid was the first to wish me. I was a bit bummed.

I know I and Anastasia fought that day. But its all okay now. I’ve been a jerk to you know. I forget everything and tried not to remind myself about what happened. Although some of us, still kind of pissed with her. Trust me, it wasnt what I planned or told them. Everyone of us know her character, except for some.

I was glad everyone enjoyed the cake and cracked a few jokes.. and there was ONE uninvented guest. SHUBA. heee.. We never did invited her to join us, but she tagged along. But thank God she wasnt a burden or sorts. teehee.

Today we went to tuition as usual, with the help of felix i got the best sit in the house, or shall i say.. room. it was very comfy sitting there, cept’ for one thing. The guy behind me kept kicking my leg. I think he was sleeping. So I didnt bother. I placed my leg forward. Yet, his leg kept coming near. After the science class, i heard the sleepy dude behind me telling to his friend that my hair is nice because it suited My chemical romance. Gosh, such posuers. Cant he say Gerard Way or something? MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I bet he only knows Helena and I’m not Okay (I promise). Its not like Im a die hard fan of them or something, it just pisses me off when there are wannabes.

There are many types. HipHopper wannabes, Punk wannabes, and etc. Hiphopper are the ones with extremely drooping pants that make you feel disgusted by the thought its gonna fall any times soon. The punk wannabes are the dudes with really tight pants that make you think that their balls might be cooked up in there, and as everyone in form 3 knows. You can be mandul. The girls are just typical, u know wrist bands, spikes.. blabla. You can see this around KLCC and stuff, the perfect “hang out” spot. heh?

So on my way back from tuition, as usual Kai-Kai will stand beside me. Talking and commenting on stuff, then a woman was passing through, which i have to admit was trying hard to push me back. Then Kai-Kai said, “This woman’s ass is really irritating” Then i made the “SHE HEARD THAT” look and Kai-Kai said “SHIT” I certainly laughed my ass out on that.

Then later, there was this guy was sleeping. And I swear i saw saliva dripping! His head was tilting and almost hit me, i was terrified that he might drop on me.And that time a lady (which i didnt know till maduras, was prada’s mum!) she helped me wake that guy up. Heee. That guy was disgusting when he wiped his saliva on his pants!

Oh yeah, before I end this really looooong day, there was this perverted bloody mamak tried to touched my thighs in wasbudi where i smacked his hands and he smiled pervertedly. Then i grabbed the GoodDay chocolate milk and walked to the counter, there he tried his luck again. I gave the “you touch me again, and i swear i make the horse fuck you this time!”. His wife came and he behaved. Good Fucked up mamak. Ergh. Btw, I finished my maths with the help of Katryn’s irritating teaching. Whenever I get irritated by her, my answers are correct. LMAO.

Gooosh, that was long. I wouldnt blame you if you didnt read. Thank anyways for those who read. 🙂

Err, izzit 5 or 4 days more ah?
Im confused.


5 Responses to “lied and laughed about.”

  1. n. sandal of wood or tire rubber. Span. zapato (7) Shaastra upper class, high tone, “stoosh”. (5) someone who pretends to be better

  2. khairulJohari Says:

    ngeh3! perverted mamak. haha hahaha haha *laughing like beavis and butthead*

  3. wow niec and rough day i suppose

  4. wow nice and rough day i suppose

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