modem for my textbooks?

Guess what? I found out that I can’t read my text book because it wasn’t pretty enough. hahaha. You know what, when you stare at something beautiful long enough you will only realize its much uglier then.
Look in a mirror. Look at your face. Surely you would imagine if only you had a nicer eye, better nose and probably less pimples?

I know I do. Mirrors are evil. The longer you stare at it, the lower your self-esteem would be. I go through it everyday. People criticize me about my pimples, how they wished I didn’t chop off my long locks, and how they wish I was thinner. Gosh people, get a grip of yourself. People, firstly, if you ever experienced this. You have to take control of yourself. Don’t go all “Oh, I’m not pretty enough. I need a plastic surgery” Get real!
People who call you names are OBVIOUSLY jealous of you. Oh come on, like they are SO pretty. Phft!

I get teased all the time. All because I’m fat, but hey as long I’m not the fat jerk calling people names. Yeah, you might be thin but hello? Have you looked in a mirror? Or did that mirror break after handling an ugly looking creature like you. (Hum, that’s just plain mean)

But look here, I know to make you feel better… You have teased a minor or so too, right? Be honest. Whenever you see someone you “think” who looks a little less pretty than you, you’ll get all bitchy and start to bitch around that person. Weren’t you the one who was being teased before? Remember, making fun of others doesn’t make you any prettier or handsome or WHATEVER.

Be happy for who you are. Don’t be someone your not. So, if you love to eat, so fucking what? Just make sure you exercise to make it balance, but don’t overdo it. You might just be skin and bones and might die or anorexia nervosa or something like that.

Remember this proverb, “I may be fat, but you’re ugly – I can lose weight! But you’re still ugly.”
Till then people, think beautiful be beautiful.

Oh yeah, Kruba… What is this thing you and charan betting on anyways? You will lose those 10 bucks. Haha.



One Response to “modem for my textbooks?”

  1. i thought i just told u wat i betted anyways i dun think u r fat ur ok but honestly i dun know y but sumtimes wen i see u i feel like i am seeing a guy sooooo sry to tell u this but this is how i feel compared to me and swear i hav neva teased a person for their face cuz i know i am fat and hidious so no use rite? i hav no rights watsoeva to tell them they r ugly rite

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