fat wanna be thin, thin wanna be thinner, thinner wanna die.

Taking back now, I remember Rossa. She was this girl in my primary school. She used to be overweight and got teased for that. I saw her last last last week, she looked really skinny and unhealthy. Had teachers gave her a hard time?

I remember when my classmates used to call her “Jumbo” and sorts. She used to cry a lot and her parents would usually come to school and sort this matter so that no one would tease her again. It was quite mean, and I laughed. I admit I am fat too. But, had people gone over the line and made her starve herself or something?

I notice one of my friends, which i wouldnt want to name it out here is going on a starvation diet. She is using the “promise” way so that we wont be curious. Im not stupid. Urgh, she is not fat for pete’s sake. I AM. she should really consider being positive all the time.

You dont want to end up like Karen Carpenter. She didnt know she was over the line until she was unconcious after a show. She was a special artiste. Although her songs are wayyyyy beyond my time. But listening to “Top of the world” and “The Rainbow Connection” really makes my day =]

Right now artiste and sorts are not a good example for teenagers, dont they know people look up to them. Of course I too want to be skinny and feel very uncomfy with my weight. But i dont want to be a walking stick, i just feel losing a bit will make me feel better. hmm..

Look at nicole richie, she was once chubby. I bet some of you (altho you refuse to admit) watched the simple life. plainly cause you want to laugh your ass out on those blondes, probably. If you noticed season 1, nicole ate wayyy then her body can manage. and just as the wind passed by, someone ate her fats away.

Hilary duff, the cute teen who played the role of Elizabeth Brooke McGuire in the ever famous Lizzie McGuire, had an amazing weight lost. She used to be rectangle or square. whatever. but now, she can play hide and seek behind poles. and may i add here, her teeth is definately scary.

Lastly, the last celeb will be.. None other than Lindsay Lohan (LiLo). You guys seen freaky friday. She was well, a bit fleshy back there than now. She went blonde and lost a lot of weight and that has been an issue eversince.

So if you ever wanna lose weight, do it the safe way. (:
Dont go all mumbo jumbo just because people say you are fat. They might be skinny, yet ugly. You may be fat, but still beautiful. There is no point in becoming a stick, when you are risking your life trying to be one. Happy Sun Day

take care.


One Response to “fat wanna be thin, thin wanna be thinner, thinner wanna die.”

  1. haha nice issue anyways some people look beautiful wen they are fat some wen they are thin but me look hidious wen fat and more hidious wen skinny hahaha

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