so little time, yet too much to do.

So i haven’t been online for like, 4 days. =]
miss me? maybe not.

So these are the things that happened throughout those days.

1. I sat for ALL the exam. Surprisingly i didnt study according to the jadual, cause shukur talked me out of it. He said “ala, pmr dua minggu lagi. kalau kau study tuk exam nie, lepas g.gempur sure lupa nyee” yeah, that made sense.

2. Teacher constantly reminded us about PMR. esply Pn Rohaiza.

3. Pn Rohaiza asked us to write about how she teaches us. The only thing that came out from me ws “You’re Lame”. But thats awfully mean. So I rather keep myself shut.

4. Went to tuition for the very first time in this year accompanied by BOYS. Chung was the best.

5. Had a fight with Anastasia. Well, I’ve been keeping it long enough already. Its about time she tasted her own medicine. Like Roshni said “stop being to nice.” Which possibly means If you take another shit of this, you prolly ended up tasting your own.


1. Not until November 4th (i think), ELS are organising a prom night (they should call it DAY) They havent even booked the place. and the theme is Glitz and Glam. Honestly, how many girls would trade their jeans for a dress. and how much a dress cost? AND PUHHHHH-LEASE…. no denims? Okay, I aint going.



i wont be online for the next next week. pmr prep. and i’m handing in my modem for my textbooks.
wish me luck people.


One Response to “so little time, yet too much to do.”

  1. of course i missed u… i mean who wouldnt… u surely exchanging ur modem for ur textbook? r u sure? very very sure? wow this is amazing.. i betted wit charan saying that u will come online even during ur pmr exam days but i guess i am going to lose 10 ringgit haizz… plz come la…. if u come ony nice(tha prom i mean).. u can make ur stupid jokes.. and 1 more thing my very best yet sincire GOOD LUCK FOR UR PMR………………………..

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