just complex old me.

I dont know what to expect for my PMR anymore. Maybe my sister is just right, i might as well get an A and get over it. Altho there is slight chances me getting A for BM 🙂

i have no hope for geo and kh now, i hate the teachers. seeing them makes me puke blood. seriously. i hate them, esply now its like 2 weeks before the real thing. i know the teachers are useless all of them, seriously if i havent gone to tuition.. i probably deal with the last number in class. i thank my friends for the support and their teachings, they are the best teachers. i think they deserved to be paid, not the adults playing dressup. hmm..

today, i went for the seminar. its worth every penny or, cent that mummy paid. i understood and heck, factorizing is damn fcking easy. and i hope i remember the formula and stuff. lim was right after all “cikgu yoo..yooo..yogert mmg best” heee. =)

hmm, i suppose to study for geo ya know. but im sooooo fcken lazy. tuition not enuff ke wei.? and im planning a surprise party for priyaa n nini. since they both dun have internet connection, i guess i might spill the juice here..

im actually wiped out with the whole seminar after school,
loads of kisses.


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