boom baybeh!

yday, was the wackiest night in the world after a loooong time. Cuz i dun usually chat with my webcam on cuz i look like a wacko jacko. LMAO. i was up all night chatting with kruba n amir. well, both of them saw my crazy hype.. well, as if my bbf the I_Radz havent see me like that.. 😀

So today, yeah. nothing much happened cept for me trying to convince myself that i can study harder to better and prolly die trying… well, its not gonna work neways. i got bored and watched animax. 😀

Is it me or The law of ueki and paradise kiss keeps repeating again and again?? And God [?] Save our king too. grrr. im trying to dwld it rite now. hmmm..

Then it started to rain, grr. i did something rubini asked me to try like 3 months ago, that is check ur IC. So i tuned it to chnl 800 (tuned in sounds funny :D), insert my IC and poof the results were okayy cept for my race. it was portuguese. heh. im a eurasian lah! stupid mykad!

so i followed my dad’s side. where was mummy? 😦
mummy sed “haaaaa, whos child are u ah?”
i did the teddy bear eyes and pout. mummy gave me a biscuit. yum. haha. so katryn got back, the moment she got back i asked her ic. i stuffed it in the astro and she was there staring at me as i did my job (not berak,k) and hers was eurasian. aaaa oi oi oi
stupid la mykad.!

grr. =(
oh well, now i got a reason to say im not her sister right? 😀
i watched the pacifier. i cried. it made me miss daddy 😦 stupid movie. but it was nice lahhhhh.. 😀
im listening to Son of Dork – Ticket Outta Loserville. its nice, i watched the video clip in youtube. the bloody british accent of that womennnnn, she sounded like a wobbly squid. LMAO.

oh yeah, im done.
till tomoro


One Response to “boom baybeh!”

  1. immortal_radical! Says:

    heyya kwishy!!!!!im on da sendn da picz ting..dun workn my ass op!!!n thanx 2 ur ‘hey there delilah’ cryn evidy!!!!da situatn deyr guin thru is sumtn lyk mine n MR.S….oni i havent shiftd yt!!!!!!(hehehehehe!)thanx por dat song babez!i rely mean it..i fel mre lyk he’s alwz by myside now..hey ny ideaz on hw i cn mail dat sng 2 him?????????i practicaly maild hm 3/4 op dat song!!!!!!take care bunny face…oh ya,speakn op bunny’z,chek ur 016 por my nem!!!!i finally found sumtn to suit my nem!!gurl..mail me la!dun wori..diz tim,il rply!!!

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