her experience in hell.

today, there was suppose to be a parents & teachers conference meeting. so yeah, everyone complotted (yes, this word exist!) not to go to school, for those who didnt inform their parents. they had to come to school, no?

i told my mum yesterday, she said and i shall quote it now “Im going to go to your school tomorrow, and ask teacher how you doing in class. See lah your results.”

YEAH, RIGHT MUMMY. she didnt go to school. I think because i told her “yeah yeah, tomorrow got KH perhaps that biatch will be there talking bout her experience in hell, and might give you tips to go there” So i guessed my mum didnt go.

I finished the whole day doing KHB:ERT book which i bought yesterday, believe it or not. I only have another 2 latihan to go. then i COMPLETELY finished the book. I was honest throughout the whole thing, and i got 85%. in all 6 exercises. grr!

its not that i want a perfect 100 or something, i just pissed i couldnt get the answer. hmm. my nose is itchy after cleaning up the room. i need rest. a lot of it. *hugs*



2 Responses to “her experience in hell.”

  1. rosh, in case u wanna comment ahhh,

    go to this website and click play
    the micheal jackson song


  2. i hate my life

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