every meeting has its goodbyes.

hmm, today is the last day of tuition. well, there is seminars. but some arent going, so i guess im gonna miss the hell of havoc there. amir is not coming, veena isnt. simran is wayy in a different class. haihs.

i took a farewell pic wit simran today. guess gonna miss her after all, arent i?

simran n i

so yeah, in school again i studied. pity roshni though. *hey, i’ve been mentioning her a lot in my blog lately, stupid bugger :D*
i ws doing geo and i have the habit of looking at the answer to be sure. grr. i bought kh revision book today, so far i can remember almost ALMOST everything. 🙂 thats good, right?

i borrowed roshni my cam n phone. i dun know y, i just like irritating her whenever she msgs MR ASSYOUEMMMAYYYAND. and so, when i and LOCK MAN (luqman) exchanged our books so that he can do geo and i do his sejarah, visha started taking pics of me and roshni. so LOCK MAN as a cam whore who he already am, started to butt in the pics. like he always does. 😀

he leaned against me whereas rosh leaned against me, yeah. imagine sardine. except not thatttt un-space-y.
we smiled a lot and i wished the pictres were with me now, but its with her. 🙂

ohh well, gonna miss her though. last year jessie next year rosh. who’s next. i just feel like hating myself right now, but i got KHB:ERT work to do, and parents-teacher conference is tomoro. i hope my mum doesnt meet the biatch and she will go on talking about her experience in hell. if only all the non muslim parents go on a riot against her, hmmm.. wouldnt that be great?

im still wondering about lukisan teknik and pencil grade H.
just throw alcohol on her ‘malar hitam’ spot and throw fire please? or was it malar putih? i for one, know its not malar hijau

tee eyyy tee eyyy


2 Responses to “every meeting has its goodbyes.”

  1. u mention alot of kh thing is ur blogs. do u like it? anyways gud luck in ur pmr and i know how it feels wen somene u care leaves

  2. immortal_radical! Says:

    hw did ur HARI INTERAKSI wen?mine suckd!my mum startd abt MR.S again!n she was blahing…s usual!gud luk gurl!n tankiup por mentionin my CUTE N ADOREABLY loving name vr often in ur savadi blog dat cheers me up all da tim!(my dear oprah!)… =p i noe watz in ur mind.. “keret betol budak nie!” n s usual..vomiting!!!itz all dat roshniz-so-cute-n-i-aint-lykn-it syndrome..notn 2 wori actually..juz tk a teaspun op roshniz adoreble smile n 2 CURRY-SPUN op roshniz hugs n love..u shud be alrite in a flash(not flush ar!)…take care dear!!!!gona mishyew babez!!!

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