aaaaaaaaa, crap!

today in school, remember i told u bout rosh poking me during exams. yep, we got the papers back. haha, i flunked weyy. i didnt care. paper 2 BM was like the bomb! cuz’ i got a reli reli high mark *phew* but paper 1 was like “oh, fuck!”. LMAO.

but over all, it was a B. rosh got an A. on the spot. *hugs* i pity farah tho, teachers ahhh. nver told us Deli wasnt the watak utama. how the f’ we know rite? and sooo she goes on blahhhh-ing about stuff. farah was pissed. but girl, sapu cili on her face the next test, k? *hugs*

wai lun‘s karangan was the funniest. Azmi bear bear, Roshni, Capik tutpik and I was laughing at it. i was reading it like crazy. đŸ˜€

there was this line he said “ayah terpaksa menggunakan jalan kampung kerana tiada duit untuk membayar tol” haha. then he later he wrote “tanpa membuang masa lagi, saya menelefon ambulans menggunakan Sony Ericsson E700i saya”. Out of the blue Visha commented “Oi, duit tada mau bayar tol, tiba tiba ada handphone mahal, banyak cantik” HAHA. then there was the other part in the story where a Honda F sumthin sumthin terbabas kat tepi jalan. and he asked his dad to stop the car. but his dad ignored. then it goes “tanpa menlengahkan masa lagi, saya menarik brek kecemasan. kereta saya berputar beberapa kali, tapi akhirnya berhenti” haha. BERPUTAR! why not bergolek? stupid no? and it went onn.. “saya membuat C.P.R kepada lelaki tersebut selama 10 minit sehingga ambulans sampai.” 10 MINUTES!?#$@$ u gotta be kidding!

capik, rosh, bear bear and i was laughing like hell. wai lun could only defend himself by saying “whaaat???” haha. azmi kept saying “cina cina.” well, not in a descriminating way was definately funny!

btw, anastasia told sats off today cuz he kept bugging roshni. anastasia said to us “how can he come here, in front of visha and pretend like its okay to hurt her feelings? acting all innocent.”
well, its true. grr. Visha should scar his face, and we know now.. perhaps. PERHAPS. rubini was behind all this. and sats like prada? its like, SHE IS WAYYYY TALLER THAN HER LAH. that guy still not over nini kot. he needs a tight slap from us, seriously.

she made my birthday a breakup day. IDIOT.

grr, feel my claws..
and rosh, u like sazzy rite? click her blog


5 Responses to “aaaaaaaaa, crap!”

  1. wen u sat do u mean sathisan? cuz if u do didnt u know that he no longer likes prada?

  2. immortal_radical! Says:


  3. immortal_radical! Says:

    ip u cant rely figure out my 1st comment,it sed I LOVE YOU!!!!! (^.^)

  4. immortal_radical! Says:

    ip u cant rely figure out my 1st comment,it sed I LOVE YOU!!!!! (^.^) and thankiu!!

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