my best bday wish

its from rosh.
love u loads. gonna miss u when u leave 😦

“hey gurl!!!!!! EPI BIRTHDAY!!!i know da card’z kinda weird,hpe u liked it!!i fel bd abt nt getn u a gift diz year,so……i juz gave u wat i cud!!olto diz is nt original,all da wordz der truly describe u love..juz angggap dat i SINCERELY told u dat..i meant evi word dat is on dat card!!take care n remain my best buddy alwz k..n im guin 2 mich da hel outa u..cuz ur irreplaceable(spelling abit tunggang langgang so dun mind!)..i duno wer im supose 2 gt an OPRAH lyk u..duno hu im guin 2 tok 2 wen im sad..duno hu 2 mk stpd jokes wif n laf my ass off!!!so im tryn ma best 2 mk da best(2 many BEST!) outa wat i stil f!!take care,eat more…n smile alwz..lyk i alwz say,u alwayz luk cute wen u du..juz dun stick ur tongue out,u luk HORNY!!!!!!!! hehehehe!”

ok, the horny part, please erase it. cuz i aint like that kkkkk. roshni, shame on u. tsk tsk,


One Response to “my best bday wish”

  1. happy birthday to her
    why dunt u give her some beer
    to get all drunky and horny
    happy birthday to her
    i made up this just for her although i neva actually know her so just pass it to her ok?

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