birthday girl today.


my friends, how could u guys forget my birthday
i thought i never want to forgive you guys
i almost wanted to erase or try to forget priyaa’s birthday. altho i remember every single birthday *since got nothing bttr to do* and oi rosh, bile modem ok laa?

aaa. back to story. ain n afiq gave me chocolates. yummm. 😛
and then in class, i was a bit wanna mrajuk but i always end up laughing weyyy. haha. abdil, capik toothpick, wailun, bearbear, lock man and etck sang me happy bday song i was like PINK oredi. blushing like gila. haha. than i said thx and abdil as usual trying to be cheeky “kris, kiss mana?” hahhaa. thats funny. not. 😛

so then, science. i spend the entire time boring roshni half to death. i can see her face. haha. and visha. studying for kh. go go go, make that biatch proud! then it was rehat. just like that. visha wanted to belanja me desprtly! so i let her buy me laksa which i almost choked on when the ENTIRE form 3 students in the canteen starting so sing. roshni looked retarded cuz she was screaming. love u retarded! hahahhahaahahahahahhaha. ok thats mean. roshni kept saying “we all just keep quiet just becoz ur birthday u noe” i know u all miss my becok mouth laa. hahaha. if it wasnt my bday i know roshni wud hav said “oi, shuddup or i give u a nice tight slap!”

so it was fun when everyone came later and say “yo, bday girl” “hey kris, happy bday” some passed chipsmore, some passed chocolates. piyah gave me ribena. thank goodness.! nagesh kept drinking mine. i finished the old one n gave her the box and laughed like an ass that i am. 😛

so back to class, we were eating. visha was sad. btw, i made sats pissed off. haha. serves u right. grr. u make her sad on my bday. idiot guy. ok not idiot. 😀

so well, pn kamallyah came in for relief. she was annoying. and our gang, the immortal radicals so called was bitching bout sats. well, rosh n i made a remake of “listen to the rhythm of the falling rain”. most of it roshni, but hey. i sang too. horribly. gaga.

then off to tuition. zunaid gave me a present. n i made friends with WS n james. wee. no no its not that james from hulubalang town! they were sweet. and they wished me happy bday too.

going back was the bad part. i think someone’s bitching bout zunaid. and veena got upset. and stuff.. aihhh.. but zunaid was trying to be cheeky buy saying he is short n fat. AAAA. he is making me feel bad, but he made me smirk and smile. haha.
and did i mention he was the only one who gave me a pig?
its sooo cute
and wobbly.

the two front piggies he gave.

goshies, now im sms them like crazy.
hey, those are not mention below. i know if ur reading this
u wished me oredi laaaa
cuz i might refered u to the website or u clicked it in my myspace
love u guys tooooo bitttzzzzzzzzz.!!!!

muah muah

n im officially 15. yey! another 3 years. hmm.


One Response to “birthday girl today.”

  1. happy birthday to you
    you’re born in the farm
    with the piggies and only piggies
    happy birthday to you

    i am soooooooo sorry
    cuz i couldnt buy u any presents
    i am in very very tight budget
    sorry ah next year i’ll buy ah
    bye bye

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