its 0024 hours.

its 12 september already?

im 15? hmm. im okay now. =]
okay, where do i start?
i want to thank those who called/ sms/ msged me in fs or mys.

Zunaid, Anastasia n Ain S. thx for the trouble of calling me up and wishing me in the middle of the night. love you guys to bits ♥
thanks for msgs/ smses; amir, baboy, izaan fakri, lex,kak sya, chipmunk, ally, and terra *hugs*
The early wishes (in random), paan, darryl, marlene, ran, hazzriq shah, pent, emi, alyaa, mr khai, kruba, some guys in fs which i dun really know. haha. ,simran , megela, halil


ehehhee… gosh i miss jessie. grr.
tomorrow school, gosh. i miss roshni n visha. n NITHYA’s big mouth! hehheheh.. i miss anastasia. gosh gosh gosh. i miss everyone right now, 3 days is like 3 months weyyy.

tomorrow getting maths results
hugs anyone?

tomorrow tuition. so much for a happy birthday.. maybe it will be fun? or not. goshhhh…

happy birthday kris. i hope u grow taller. haha. *hugs self*


3 Responses to “its 0024 hours.”

  1. kris kris kris, happy birthday *hugs kris*

  2. immortal_radical! Says:

    kris,u COMMENTED URSELF?????haih,i f no wordz la!!!juz rembr 2 chek ur mail 2dy k!!!i dun cre wat apenz,u btr chek ur mail 2day!!! giftz 4 ya!!(I cho mean!!) =p oh ya..hpe u njyd our canteen choir! lup u baby,chilap…..BABI gurl!!! hehehehe!(da mandy laf!i aint gud in duin those!im guin 2 mich dat 2!!!)

  3. yea yea
    happy birthday to you,
    your’re born in the zoo,
    with the monkeys and piggies,
    happy birtday to you………………………………..
    wish many many more happy returns of the day
    hope all of ur wishes will come true xpecially the camera

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