the feelings of being wooed

i didnt go to school today, my body went worst. except when i walk. right now, im sitting at the edge of the chair.cuz i cant bend. i might be suffering from slipped disc. but my mum said, NO. haha. 😀

i dont feel like going to school on monday, hope the pain continues 😛

im gonna get a new computer table on monday. i hope its blue not silver. 😀 finally not a dull colour, no? im registering in class 4 for kasturi seminar. with lim n zharif. wee!~ 🙂

i dunno who else would be going, even veena. humm..
birthday another 3 days. nothing special happened.
im bored.

oh yeah, i found out something bout datuk azhar mansur. you know the dude that traveled around the world? ok, this MIGHT not be true. but its up to u guys to judge, i just sum it all up after reading it up in couple of articles. here it goes, when he was travelling you know, around the world.. he saw an image of Jesus Christ 🙂 and so, when he got back, he had a talk/meeting/whatever with Dr.M that he wanted to convert to christian (hey, if your an islam. no name calling! its his decision. if so, God wants to punish him whatsoever. let God be the judge. So stfu, ok?) Dr M told him to quietly convert and move to Singapore. Thats y he is poof-ed from malaysia.. eh?

So, why is it a big deal. I mean, i want to be open here. If a christian could convert to an Islam there wouldnt be a fuss you see, and when an Islam to a christian. wooo, there goes the whole world (malaysia only actually) fussing it up. example, joy’s case. i can see images of the muslim lawyer all around the internet, saying “bunuh jika dijumpai” well… thats no joke rite? its intention of killing. aint that a sin. NO ONE IS PIOUS! no one.
everyone has temptations. and even when one cant do it, they are tempted to. you might think im a foolish dumpshit that is trying to be smart. but hey, its ur opinion. i respect that. and its my blog, so what i care. HEH!

but the point here is, who we are trying to kid? we are not God. we cant judge them. They are adults. and its their life, if you think you are trying to give them the best, then you try. but u cant force. its like sebab and akibat. you do the reason now, you get the akibat later. when we die, we all will face God..

just think about it, even when it makes no sense anymore.

I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to.

Ah just act the way ah feel. – Elvis Presley


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