the next time..

the next time you fight with your mum, think about this movie anak its a bout a filipino mum. she is working as a maid in hongkong. So she havent seen her family in a while.. and the story goes on, on how she tries to patch things up with her family when her children (Well only her daughter) is very kurang ajar or shall i say it, bastos. 🙂

go on watching the whole thing, there is part 1, part 2.. actually its a movie, just that you tube cant put all 60 minutes in it. if you are not a filipino though, you can still watch it with your heart, the subtitles come in naturally.

i cried. *again* what can i say, im a sucker for sad, happy, scary blablabla endings.



One Response to “the next time..”

  1. immortal_radical! Says:

    thanx love..hey,my new e-mail ID is!mail me ta0!!im sneaking again op corz!i wantd 2 get a i tot dat cud n mail me k…(^.^) >

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