i have a baby crush.

ok, baby crush doesnt exist
but i cant resist just looooooking at cute baby suri cruise.
i’ve been google-ING her the whole morning cuz i have nothing to do cept complain to myself bout backache. 😐 *im using the laptop, so currently im lying flat*

back to baby suri, this are a few image that i stalked across the net. teehee.

isnt she just an angel, gosh she looks like katie. A LOT. and she has tom’s eyes. i just wanna pinch her cute cheeks. i hope everyone takes back what they say bout suri being an alien and stuff. mean people!

im still suffering backaches and headache. apparently mummy doesnt care. she thinks im lying. GAH! Amir is still sick. Hmm..
everyone seemed sick today. sad eh? blog later..



One Response to “i have a baby crush.”

  1. immortal_radical! Says:

    ur new page rox gurl!y dinchu cum 2 skul 2dy?misd mathz..it was ok la..ni biggy datchu misd it..nywy..suri is chooooooooooooooooooooooooochooooochooooooochooooochoooo damn blady blady cute!!!!!!!!i juz wana squeeze dat lil angel til er eyeball popz out…okay dat was mean!i din min it dat way..juz tryn 2 describe er effect on me….MASSIVE man!tc gurl…n HAIL ANGELIC PRINCESS SURI!!!btw,datz n indian name!!hehe…i sho proud… =] keret ar…pretty FUCKED up wit my tuuuuuuuut mum nw,shez crappin n crappin n crappin n abt MR.S n shez so fuckn me op(jgn pk lain)..im so stressd,i duno wat 2 du..phne bil cme..$100,datz hw muc i hep 2 pay dem bk por coln MR.S!fuck fuck fuck…n a whle load of FUCK!!im gona go psycho la wey!i cnt sty ere nymre!!im gona go cra_z!!!!!!!!!!ELP NYWAN????????bein a proffesional aint enaf..u gota b a super super duper duper pro 2 hndle me…i tink my mumz gone KOO_KOO!!!sweet mother of HOO-DAA-LA-HEE-DEE town,save me plz….

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