dear amir..

amir is sick.
although its been a month since i know him, we’ve been really close.
and now, he is sick. no more mean simran jokes today. it was down right boring without his geeky and ever annoying jokes. no more tinaa…. ok, i admit i miss his annoying tone. ok, veena and i both miss him. urgh, only to find out perhaps he has dengue fever. and he cant eat nasi lemak. his favourite. sigh.. get well soon, k amir?

today, i’ve been sms-ing 016 like crazy. i cant just sms just ANYONE. gah, i have to pretend to be my friend to sms this girl, yurck.

i still have a sore throat and backaches. i dont want to go to school tomorrow. plus i think roshni threw knockout gas at me during maths cuz i slept just like that. haha. and when i woke up, roshni was like racing to finish her paper. if only i was smart, i could slide her my answers. but im not. so dont bother. visha was smiling all the way, how i wished my shoes flew and accidently knock out her teeth? hehe. thats mean, she is smart. i hate her. grr. rubini was posing. and i was making the “boom baybeh” joke in my head and chuckled all the way. people might think im retarded. and its not rotation, its reflection. fuck la.

tomorrow maths again, fuck again.


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