its been a while since i checked on jodel,nicole,micmic n charmie. gosh, i miss them. 🙂

my slave cousin, john posted a few pic of grandpapa, auntie bobot, et-et and the catubig family with dodong of course. gosh, they are all grown up. baby jodel is soo adorable.

click to enlarge. this is jodel.awww, eating his bread.! gosh, cutie baldie. miss the way he shouts “titaaaa” haha.

all of em
click to enlarge.

this is auntie bobot, holding nicole, charmie n jodel. cute arent they. im so proud to be their aunt. haha. they had their parody of “TITAAAA” every morning last year.

btw, i didnt go to school today. so i missed history and science. i dont know why i bother going to school tomoro when im gonna get a TH. heh?

tomoro maths. im just gonna look at nithya, rosh n visha get a while i settle down on a ‘b’. OKAY?

tomrw tuition, and amir is not feeling well. hope he gets well soon. or ill be bored talking to myself. or sam. whatever. still, he needs to be well.

did i mention i lost my voice for 3 days now (but i still can talk, but an exception on mandy voice) and vomited 3 times today? my tummy is flat for now. gagaga. im staying away from heavy food.
migrain attacking again. ezzzzzz..

ex oh ex oh


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