fell underneath the bottom.

today english 2,1 n geo.
english two was like shyt.
first time i wasnt able to finish it cuz i was too sleepy!
paper 1, i slept the whole time.
woke up later 20 minutes b4 times up and finished it, n sleep again. ehehe.
i felt like stomping on my head.

in tuition, i felt like lying down on the floor and pretend to be dead.
im actually drop dead tired.
and bored the whole time!

veena wasnt there.
timon n simran bullied me =(

on my way back, i talked to this senior of mine
i dunno his name. gagagagaga.
forgot la! but he used to be in justin’s class.

i actually want to sleep
but at the same time i want to be online
is that possible?




2 Responses to “fell underneath the bottom.”

  1. sleepy eh, well werent u atleast worried 1% about ur trial nampak macam u see the paper like a news paper, u read or not its not a big deal. man i lost my words

  2. trial was like last week, sir or madame.

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