wretched monday.

its monday. & gerak gempur is on
BM 1, BM 2, & KHB:ERT
everything was dandy.
cept paper 2
i pretty much crapped my whole karangan.

then there was tuition.
we took the lrt.
and OMFG, i was sooooo shocked to see
blood on the chair.
be open minded when i tell you this
cuz’ i swear it was period.

3 students sat beside it. since there was 4 chairs
the chair was left unoccupied.
a women sat on it
but i managed to get her butt of it.
then there was this causasian man
who ALMOST sat but was warned by the student.
gud boy!

then later, in tuition
we sat next to simran.
at least i did.

it was fcking cold.
n i wore pinafore to tuition
and i look ugly =(
simran laughed. sigh again.

i talked to amir and zunaid.
they are such nice friends *hugs*
zunaid keep calling me suzy, whom i forgot was me.
n i called him sam
veena n simran was like “huh??”
they never thought zunaid n i was friends, huh?

there was this guy, ‘skywalker’
tried to send me bluetooth
i tot it was virus
i nvr accepted it.

went home with zunaid, simran, veena n amir.
i cried in the train
i missed jessie like hell!
i want to see her for my birthday
n i want a camera.
a new one
a good type. not like my last gift.

but there is no way im ever getting it
katryn keeps finding fault with mummy.
not to give me stuff.
gosh i hate her right now.

i think im off to study geo



One Response to “wretched monday.”

  1. UNBELIEVEABLE that woman if she got period wear that bladdy pad la takkan miskin sampai tak dapt nak beli pad pun kot gila la dia tu mayb u should give ur pad to her faye haha:P

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