class party rox

class party rocks my socks
i take back what i say.
even though i look like SHYT!

there was like 2 video cam and 4 ppl carrying cam all around.
like every minute, sure got someone ler who wants to take pic.
i felt like, woah.
was kinda fun.

click there to see the pics!

argh, everything was dwell. we ate a lot. WASABI BURNT MY TUMMY! haha, not reli. it was delicious.!! have to tell yah!
everyone kept saying “kau nk jadi india ke punjabi weh?”
which was kinda funny. then later we went to the mall, since legand hotel was like beside it.

we rode this ride that spins in circle but tilting.
you know what i mean.
roshni almost fell. and i almost hit my head.
at first, me, roshni, tasia & visha kept saying “oh yeah, this is boring”
oh boy, we were wrong. roshni kept screaming her lungs out. which was sorta funny looking at rubini n priyaa. we all know y πŸ˜‰

then after all that dizzyness,
we rode the horror roller coaster.
it went reli fast
me and rosh was like screaming like crazy cuz it was fast, and when i say NOT scary. its not. haha.
i lost my voice for like 2 hours.

later we rode the ship
it will move left to right
non stop lah, but keep going higher n higher.
priyaa was shouting like …

i for once, didnt scream
i kept laughing at roshni
she lost her ear rings tho.
pity pity.
i bought a present for that someone who wanted a present for like sooo long. but i have no guts to give. 😐
oh well..

over all it was fun!!!!
i enjoyed it
thanks guys.

p/s: thanks to mr.ying yang for the hint on the title.
didnt notice it was gone. lmao!



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