i went to find an outfit for tomorrow.
guessd what?
it wasnt like taking candy from a baby.
it was like finding a needle in a bush!

everything didnt suit me.
im fat. i have to admit.
wearing a skirt wouldnt change the fact that im fat.
but i have to.
part of anastasia’s set dress code.
she finally gave in and wanted NOT to wear the skirt

she looks awsm in it.
tomorrow im going to wear a punjabi suit
i’ll look like a wacko. everyone is gonna be like sooo pretty and handsome. and i look like a dork.
i am soo devastated.

pity me huh?
im not looking forward for tomorrow.
im reading about waxing.
i think it hurts.

peoples pain, are my pleasure.
i know, im evil.



One Response to “tomorrow.”

  1. dun worry bad thing can turn into gud things at the rite moment and in ur case its tomoro trust me u will be one of the prettiest gal in that party no matter wat u wear

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