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best friends (bff)

Posted in friends, husshed secret, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on September 29, 2006 by aku

Best friends. What are they? Of course, they are the person who brings your Do to Re, Mi and wipes your tear every time you cry. The shoulder to lie on, the ears you can talk to, the mouth that will scold you whenever you are wrong and so much more. Of course, the true best friend is very hard to find.

I, myself admit that I’m not a good best friend and I feel guilty about it. Knowing that someone needs you when they are sad and someone wants to lend your ears to whenever they are pissed, and lots more.

Today, I don’t know. I just feel really weird. I think I was hyper that’s why. I talked non stop. This is one of my negative sides. Whenever I get hyper, I talk a lot and some things that are not meant to be told may slip out. But, I think none slipped.

Like my previous post, I mentioned about cleaning up the tables and sorts. Like I guessed, The Malays sat there staring and using the reason that they are fasting. Honestly, I don’t give a damn if you are fasting. It’s your damn table. Get it yourself. Anastasia got pissed. We all stopped and went down, to eat. I think they can handle it themselves.

I took my tablets late, since I totally forgot about the time. Technically, I can’t eat for another 30 minutes. But I insisted, since I didn’t eat anything last night and I haven’t sleep for like, 17 hours straight. And I’m not sleepy! So I ate sausages and some squid sambal. It was delicious, but then… I forgot, I can’t eat sambal, since it spicy and I might get a tummy ache.

That was when we were listening to this boring lecture which I wasn’t paying attention to. We began to talk about our families. I don’t know why I had to talk about daddy. I definitely miss daddy. A lot. I cried a pool there, I swore shen and ain was looking at me. So were the people behind me, I tried to hold back. But it only gotten worst, pravinah was asking why and why. But I couldn’t bother her. I just continued crying till my baju kurung, was half wet. I didn’t know I cry that much. I mean the kain lah, not the baju. After a while, the tummy ache reacted and begun to get this sudden shocks that make me want to puke.

I went to the toilet, there I saw roshni. I was okay at first, and then I vomited everything I ate. I looked like I cried, and I sat in the girl’s changing room with roshni and Anastasia. We began talking about our family lives again, it was weird actually. The room was quiet, like the pace of peace and serenity. I don’t know why, of all places to fess up in the cubical of silence, we had to do it in the toilet. But we really threw everything out, almost cried too.

I confronted Visha, not me actually. All of us, she told us that she can’t tell us, afraid she might be like me. End up in tears, sobbing. She is afraid to see herself cry, I suppose? Visha and Priyaa are the two of my closest friends who hardly cries. They don’t share stuff with us, sometimes I don’t know why I even tell them, when it’s only a one way connection?
Some how, we wont drifts away easily! I know that. Being in smooth and rough times with them had thought me how to tolerate them. I know, one day when they are ready, they will tell us. But I still feel hurt.

But I tagged along in the game of “mohon maaf” today. Instead of seriously saying sorry, I made dumb jokes and made people laugh. Some cried. Sorry. They told me something about not being able to hear that joke again, err? I think her screw is on too tight. All I said was “I’m so sorry if I ever called you monkey, stupid, idiot… I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to the ginjal but not the rectum since I’m going to let it out in the toilet later”

But it was funny when I told Nikko though, I told him “NIKKKK, SORRY I CALLED YOU MUNGGEN, STUPID, IDIOT, CRAZY, CRACK POT OK OK OK OK” I merely forced him to say okay actually. Jo, the ultra smart brainy guy in form 3 was the best, he just had a “huh” expression on him when I said “Jo, I never ejek you but I want to say sorry okkkk??” and I began to shout to everyone sorry, sorry. Told you I was hyper.

I’m still hyper and not sleepy now. And I’m dehydrated. Roshni said I’m not eating right, Hello??? I’m eating like a pig here! Aaaaa, PMR 2 days ahead. I’m not ready. SERIOUSLY!!

I’m just printing a few pictures. Then I’m off to study maths.
Cheerio dudes.


hmm.. pmr already?

Posted in Self Proclaimed on September 28, 2006 by aku

My mum seemed cool with me nowadays since I’m busy studying rather than sticking my nose to the monitor, chatting and bla bla bla. It really bothered me that day when Kavi asked me “So kristina, still chatting I see?” At that second, I felt like shooting her back by saying “So fcking what??” but being the I dont give a damn person I already am, I smiled and said “Yeah.”

Honestly, I am not that bright of a person.. like my sister always tell me. Although I’m better than her in maths. I regreted my gerak gempur maths paper 2. I shouldnt have slept. Or else, an A would have shone brightly at my face. Sigh. Hopes eh? But it did give me a large amount of energy to study hard! I’m afraid of history and geography. I hate it. Like Zunaid told me earlier, “hafal the maps lah!” But I hate it. History is easier, a bit. Its facts. But I hate science, blergh! I just dont know why. I hate paper 2. Writing. Honestly I suck at it. The only paper which is writing, im good at is.. English; Literature and Summary while Bahasa Melayu; Novel and Ringkasan dan Pemahaman. The rest paper 2, I can sleep at. If I continue being like this, how about form 4? Everything is subjective although it says Objective. Grr. Not fair. =(

I just finished killing myself in algebra a few minutes ago, now Im gonna continue ratio which is the EASIEST. I love ratio. Ehe. Tomorrow I have to go to school to know where I’m suppose to sit and sorts for PMR, this sucks. I’m so lazy to go to school tomorrow. ARGH. oh yeah, i didnt go today. And happy birthday, Nini. =)

Everything is going by so fast, it was like yesterday I started form 3 and sneaked upstairs so that i get the best place in class, ended up sitting at the back with Farah which really was a good thing too. =) Sigh, i wished i could pause here, after PMR.. I cant see Roshni anymore. Hmm.. How sad.

Tomorrow have to carry tables.. I wonder, how can the malays carry it when they are fasting? Its gonna be a hell of a miracle since my classmates are a bit lazy. HA-HA.


lied and laughed about.

Posted in friends, Life, school, Self Proclaimed on September 27, 2006 by aku

Hmm. today, as planned we celebrated Priyaa’s and Nithya’s birthday. Although, I have to admit when someone told me “Kris, you bought them cake right..? but what did they bought for you on your birthday?” In some way, it did made me wonder. What would I get back in return? I spent all my birthday money which i planned to use to go out next month after PMR on their birthday gifts and the cake, but yet on my birthday none of them remembered till I told them Amir, Anastasia and Zunaid was the first to wish me. I was a bit bummed.

I know I and Anastasia fought that day. But its all okay now. I’ve been a jerk to you know. I forget everything and tried not to remind myself about what happened. Although some of us, still kind of pissed with her. Trust me, it wasnt what I planned or told them. Everyone of us know her character, except for some.

I was glad everyone enjoyed the cake and cracked a few jokes.. and there was ONE uninvented guest. SHUBA. heee.. We never did invited her to join us, but she tagged along. But thank God she wasnt a burden or sorts. teehee.

Today we went to tuition as usual, with the help of felix i got the best sit in the house, or shall i say.. room. it was very comfy sitting there, cept’ for one thing. The guy behind me kept kicking my leg. I think he was sleeping. So I didnt bother. I placed my leg forward. Yet, his leg kept coming near. After the science class, i heard the sleepy dude behind me telling to his friend that my hair is nice because it suited My chemical romance. Gosh, such posuers. Cant he say Gerard Way or something? MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I bet he only knows Helena and I’m not Okay (I promise). Its not like Im a die hard fan of them or something, it just pisses me off when there are wannabes.

There are many types. HipHopper wannabes, Punk wannabes, and etc. Hiphopper are the ones with extremely drooping pants that make you feel disgusted by the thought its gonna fall any times soon. The punk wannabes are the dudes with really tight pants that make you think that their balls might be cooked up in there, and as everyone in form 3 knows. You can be mandul. The girls are just typical, u know wrist bands, spikes.. blabla. You can see this around KLCC and stuff, the perfect “hang out” spot. heh?

So on my way back from tuition, as usual Kai-Kai will stand beside me. Talking and commenting on stuff, then a woman was passing through, which i have to admit was trying hard to push me back. Then Kai-Kai said, “This woman’s ass is really irritating” Then i made the “SHE HEARD THAT” look and Kai-Kai said “SHIT” I certainly laughed my ass out on that.

Then later, there was this guy was sleeping. And I swear i saw saliva dripping! His head was tilting and almost hit me, i was terrified that he might drop on me.And that time a lady (which i didnt know till maduras, was prada’s mum!) she helped me wake that guy up. Heee. That guy was disgusting when he wiped his saliva on his pants!

Oh yeah, before I end this really looooong day, there was this perverted bloody mamak tried to touched my thighs in wasbudi where i smacked his hands and he smiled pervertedly. Then i grabbed the GoodDay chocolate milk and walked to the counter, there he tried his luck again. I gave the “you touch me again, and i swear i make the horse fuck you this time!”. His wife came and he behaved. Good Fucked up mamak. Ergh. Btw, I finished my maths with the help of Katryn’s irritating teaching. Whenever I get irritated by her, my answers are correct. LMAO.

Gooosh, that was long. I wouldnt blame you if you didnt read. Thank anyways for those who read. 🙂

Err, izzit 5 or 4 days more ah?
Im confused.

modem for my textbooks?

Posted in Self Proclaimed on September 25, 2006 by aku

Guess what? I found out that I can’t read my text book because it wasn’t pretty enough. hahaha. You know what, when you stare at something beautiful long enough you will only realize its much uglier then.
Look in a mirror. Look at your face. Surely you would imagine if only you had a nicer eye, better nose and probably less pimples?

I know I do. Mirrors are evil. The longer you stare at it, the lower your self-esteem would be. I go through it everyday. People criticize me about my pimples, how they wished I didn’t chop off my long locks, and how they wish I was thinner. Gosh people, get a grip of yourself. People, firstly, if you ever experienced this. You have to take control of yourself. Don’t go all “Oh, I’m not pretty enough. I need a plastic surgery” Get real!
People who call you names are OBVIOUSLY jealous of you. Oh come on, like they are SO pretty. Phft!

I get teased all the time. All because I’m fat, but hey as long I’m not the fat jerk calling people names. Yeah, you might be thin but hello? Have you looked in a mirror? Or did that mirror break after handling an ugly looking creature like you. (Hum, that’s just plain mean)

But look here, I know to make you feel better… You have teased a minor or so too, right? Be honest. Whenever you see someone you “think” who looks a little less pretty than you, you’ll get all bitchy and start to bitch around that person. Weren’t you the one who was being teased before? Remember, making fun of others doesn’t make you any prettier or handsome or WHATEVER.

Be happy for who you are. Don’t be someone your not. So, if you love to eat, so fucking what? Just make sure you exercise to make it balance, but don’t overdo it. You might just be skin and bones and might die or anorexia nervosa or something like that.

Remember this proverb, “I may be fat, but you’re ugly – I can lose weight! But you’re still ugly.”
Till then people, think beautiful be beautiful.

Oh yeah, Kruba… What is this thing you and charan betting on anyways? You will lose those 10 bucks. Haha.


fat wanna be thin, thin wanna be thinner, thinner wanna die.

Posted in Self Proclaimed on September 24, 2006 by aku

Taking back now, I remember Rossa. She was this girl in my primary school. She used to be overweight and got teased for that. I saw her last last last week, she looked really skinny and unhealthy. Had teachers gave her a hard time?

I remember when my classmates used to call her “Jumbo” and sorts. She used to cry a lot and her parents would usually come to school and sort this matter so that no one would tease her again. It was quite mean, and I laughed. I admit I am fat too. But, had people gone over the line and made her starve herself or something?

I notice one of my friends, which i wouldnt want to name it out here is going on a starvation diet. She is using the “promise” way so that we wont be curious. Im not stupid. Urgh, she is not fat for pete’s sake. I AM. she should really consider being positive all the time.

You dont want to end up like Karen Carpenter. She didnt know she was over the line until she was unconcious after a show. She was a special artiste. Although her songs are wayyyyy beyond my time. But listening to “Top of the world” and “The Rainbow Connection” really makes my day =]

Right now artiste and sorts are not a good example for teenagers, dont they know people look up to them. Of course I too want to be skinny and feel very uncomfy with my weight. But i dont want to be a walking stick, i just feel losing a bit will make me feel better. hmm..

Look at nicole richie, she was once chubby. I bet some of you (altho you refuse to admit) watched the simple life. plainly cause you want to laugh your ass out on those blondes, probably. If you noticed season 1, nicole ate wayyy then her body can manage. and just as the wind passed by, someone ate her fats away.

Hilary duff, the cute teen who played the role of Elizabeth Brooke McGuire in the ever famous Lizzie McGuire, had an amazing weight lost. She used to be rectangle or square. whatever. but now, she can play hide and seek behind poles. and may i add here, her teeth is definately scary.

Lastly, the last celeb will be.. None other than Lindsay Lohan (LiLo). You guys seen freaky friday. She was well, a bit fleshy back there than now. She went blonde and lost a lot of weight and that has been an issue eversince.

So if you ever wanna lose weight, do it the safe way. (:
Dont go all mumbo jumbo just because people say you are fat. They might be skinny, yet ugly. You may be fat, but still beautiful. There is no point in becoming a stick, when you are risking your life trying to be one. Happy Sun Day

take care.

the news that shouldnt be news.

Posted in Self Proclaimed on September 23, 2006 by aku

Sharifah Amani ; its been a while now and people is still picking on her for stupid reasons. Just because she made her speech in english for her lack of fluency in Malay, and they say she despise her own mother tongue. Stupid, aint it?

“I’d like to make my speech in English because I sound stupid when I speak Malay”

– Sharifah Amani, Best Actress, Malaysian Film Festival 2006

C’mon la. Nowadays, parents teach their children English before Malay. Guess some people are too narrow minded. Don’t mind me.
I’m just saying. Don’t go all jumpy and say things that is not true.. like what they did to sharifah amani. they need to get a life.. the one they can actually make use of.


so little time, yet too much to do.

Posted in Self Proclaimed on September 23, 2006 by aku

So i haven’t been online for like, 4 days. =]
miss me? maybe not.

So these are the things that happened throughout those days.

1. I sat for ALL the exam. Surprisingly i didnt study according to the jadual, cause shukur talked me out of it. He said “ala, pmr dua minggu lagi. kalau kau study tuk exam nie, lepas g.gempur sure lupa nyee” yeah, that made sense.

2. Teacher constantly reminded us about PMR. esply Pn Rohaiza.

3. Pn Rohaiza asked us to write about how she teaches us. The only thing that came out from me ws “You’re Lame”. But thats awfully mean. So I rather keep myself shut.

4. Went to tuition for the very first time in this year accompanied by BOYS. Chung was the best.

5. Had a fight with Anastasia. Well, I’ve been keeping it long enough already. Its about time she tasted her own medicine. Like Roshni said “stop being to nice.” Which possibly means If you take another shit of this, you prolly ended up tasting your own.


1. Not until November 4th (i think), ELS are organising a prom night (they should call it DAY) They havent even booked the place. and the theme is Glitz and Glam. Honestly, how many girls would trade their jeans for a dress. and how much a dress cost? AND PUHHHHH-LEASE…. no denims? Okay, I aint going.



i wont be online for the next next week. pmr prep. and i’m handing in my modem for my textbooks.
wish me luck people.