merdeka merdeka.

yaw, its 49 years since malaysia is free from anything!
i have to say, im sooooo hapi that there are no wars here as im living for 14 years.
eventho i myself, am a mix of malay, chinese, indian, filipino, spanish blablablabla. I am a malaysian. yeah, malaysia is full of culture and sorts.
you cant see this in other countries! the people are great. i have friends of sorts races and whenever its a celebration. ka-ching! money comes rolling in the pocket. hehe.

but merdeka this year is well, not so great. since im in form 3 and pmr is a month away. so far, in ines term.. im still on darurat. yep, that.

i still dunno what to wear tho for CP (Class party).
I’m bumbed. and sad. =(

i need my bestfriends *hugs*


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