full of dilemmas.

anastasia tried to help me pick out and outfit.
well, i look horrid in dress.
she expected me to wear a sleeveless tee.
that is SO not me.
im never gonna wear that.

anastasia had another dilemma.
about her hair
i sort it out with her.
u see, everytime she tries to help me
i change topic, sorry tasia.

so i did it to her hair.
tell me what u think k.
i know i have several stalkers in this blog.
tell me what u think of her hair.
be honest!

tasia playing with my cellphone.
click to enlarge image.getting bored.
click-o wacko.

aint if farney?

click-y sick-y


2 Responses to “full of dilemmas.”

  1. immortal_radical! Says:

    kris,i NEVER tot dat i wud say diz….bt…………………………………………………………tasia lukz HOT wen er hair is dat way..u noe,let-me-down-cuz-ul-luk-btr ting!!!!i tink she shud cum lik dat 4 da party!!n gurl,abt u…stp tinkn -ve la..tink +ve k…notnz gona apen ip u keep tinkn dat wy…baliv me!tc!!

  2. well she does look nice in this hairstyle but i prefer her old hairstyle i dun know y i dun know how but i prefer the old 1 not to say that this 1 is ugly its is nice but still old 1 is betta

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