yo, bitch.

i had to retake the KH test. that was sorta surprising.
cuz’ i din study and the test was 2 week ago
i practically forgot almost everything.
but i got the results today
i got a 70.
that was sorta good since i din study.
usually i’ll end up with a sixty
that probably why the bitch suspected me. blah!

since i didnt go to school,
i didnt know the 411
but my best friends are there to keep me up-2-date.

so, anastasia the granny and the best critic.
had a debate with the bitch.
yep, the bitch.
she made sure i kept my ori marks.
with the help of priyaa, the egoistic (in both pos and neg)
roshni, the one who seeks vengence from the bitch
i managed to keep my marks.

but i still think the fat skank tried to brain wash the biatch.
but oh well, if she wants a fist fight or a mouth to mouth ass kicking chlge, then your on biatch. but she better make sure my last nerve wont be plucked out, or else.

oh yeah, my english sucked. my section A was full of crappy poo poo. haha, dont mind lol. i got a B. blah! in fact, my paper 1 was impressive! and my literature was a wow! haha. summary was a mess, she minus 5 marks for extra words. the essay was yeah, like i sed, crappy poo poo.

tomoro is merdeka.
happy merdeka y’all.


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