oh no, another 3 days!

class party
in a hotel
i have no ultimate nice clothes to wear.

haha, okay exaggerating again.
stop it kristina, stop it.

i helped anastasia pick out an outfit for her.
trust me, she looks fab
but she was worried of looking bad. n not like her.
like c’mon she got the bod! minus the boobs of course. lol!

she was worried of her face too, so she had a haircut,
she looks much better, but whats worst than having ur mum say “you dont look nice”
how horrid!

blergh!! but nvm hun, u look awsm. 🙂
her clothes was floral print skirt and a green sleeveless top.
she looks cute.

i still havent got an outfit for me.
i was thinking of the one on christmas
but im too fat.!

i need help. friday there is a study party, besties.. help me out please. love you loads guys.



2 Responses to “oh no, another 3 days!”

  1. Well, honestly I think you suit wit’ any clothes. Maybe u r feeling so, cuz’ u always think the negative sides of urself all the time. Try feeling good on wearing any clothes. Don’t care about what other people say(if it is bad)…but if so, you can tell me…

  2. ah, i dont.
    i cant wear skirt as i have such fat legs.
    i cant wear nice shirts
    as im too chub.

    im still having clothes dilemma.

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