i have an acne skin which is really disgusting i have to admit. and i dont do anything about it, my mum however, on the other hand is a beauty concern person. blah.
she applied some thing that harden my skin for about 3 hours (And still counting now)
and its not getting any better cept for constant itching.

so since i was sooo fcked up to even do anything except munch cookies down my throat
i found a few stuff from couple of websites about taking care of yr skin. like it helps..

first is the toothpaste trick.

pro’s: it dries up the pimple making it less visable
con’s: it might burn up ur skin and cause scarring. probably.

secondly, rubbing tomato

pro’s: it helps to balance ur skin’s Ph.
cons: too much, well make it imbalance.

thirdly, washing u face regularly.

pros : removes dirt and yadaa yadaa
cons: too much can lead to extra oily skin.

anyways, the only thing u can do is; listen to me. đŸ˜€

firstly, exercise as it helps reduces stress!
secondly, maintain a healthy diet!
thirdly, wash ur face after doing dirtyyy work! (dont overdo, tho)
fourth, if you wear makeup all the time, maybe its because of the make up.!
fifth, apply powder on your face to help control oil.!
sixth, dont touch the acne/pimples. dirty hands has bacteria!
seventh, dont use too much acne cream and stuff, by different brands. it only will lead to something else.! or more pimple!

thats all from me,
good luck



One Response to “acne.”

  1. there is 1 more remedy for this prob that is applying “TIger Balm”
    Pros : makes the pimple to dry up and fade away
    Cons : well, its makes the pimple spot black b4 it fades away

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