wondering eyes.

i think im love sick after listening to this song.

without you this house is a hearse without wheels
you can’t work out which cringing
which cringing feels worse
when i touch you like this
on the place that it hurts

Give me all that you have
if you don’t i will steal it
all the things that you’ve lost
i can reel them in
i’m falling apart every minute of every hour
but you’re there to put me back together again

When i don’t know where you are
i feel lost
your trail feels so warm
but i’m covered with frost
when i left in the morning
she smelled so good
then i whispered quite nicely, quite rightly

I can make you feel good
you can make me feel bad
i’ll never get you back
so you’ll never be sad

If this lyrics didnt touch you, at all. take your heart out, and flush it in your jamban bowl. =]

oh yeah, roshni finally visited my blog. haha, thanks love!
the pictures are creepy eh? wait till i put *the fat whore* (you know who i mean) and make her dance around this not much website. haha.

so yeah, today nothing much happened except i got another stalker. some guy by the name of james. his sounded like someone who is really good in english. but when my friend tried to call him up. he sed he sounded like a chinapek ahpek from hulabalang town. LMAO. and he went “HARRRLOOHH?” honestly, that sounded retarded. haha. almost like wai lun when he sings oops i did it again. except it wud sound like opseyeditagen sorta kinda likah that.


i dont know what to do now. cept sms and stuff.
tomoro is english camp.
its gonna be fun, but rosh aint coming.
put sleeping pills on their drinks and hop along to fun fun world please, darl?

lmao out on this one.

listen to this song, as i am hoping and wanting to.

x o x o


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