my inbox is getting full every now and then, thanks to Amir’s nonsense and *someone*’s messages. =p

and 3 other bunch of people which i find annoying. (no, its not u tasia)

just now while i was eating my supper, mr. james called. LMAO. he really sounded like chinapek from hulubalang town!

him : arloh, iz diz kristinaa? *repeats about 6 times, getting louder everytime*
me: err, yeah.
him : can i, er.. talking to you?
me: im eating. *chuckles*
him : okay, i talking you later.

i started to laugh and told my mum its a friend. what a liar. =p
im off to bed.

oxoxox *either way, the same*


2 Responses to “mr.who-sms-a-lot”

  1. gurl…..u noe i gt bored easily!!!da oni ntrtainmnt i f is ur blog…so plz upd8 it evi 5 secondz….im rely desperate!!!!!!!!!!with a capital d…okay dat aint capital bt hey…hu carez!!n f fun wit JAMES!!nw datz james wit a capital J…oni,itz al capitalised…hurmmm????i tink im guin mad…oh ya..i 4get i was da mayor of CRAZY-HOO-DA-LA-HOO-LAA-DEE town..dat were da days wer u n i grew up..v wer 4 rite wen v hd lollypopz stuck on our head..n wen nowan actually tot dat v were screamin n cryn!!!!dey actualy tot v wer singin supermassive black hole…haih..n dey say v’r idiotic psychoz….k gurl..i guess datz 2 muc at lis i din tel dat v wer with our bunny undiez…custom-made 4 us rmbr!…. ~swit drimz~

  2. rosh, you need panadols. loads of em,
    dont get bored.

    much loves,

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