soo tired today.

woke up at 9.
bathe and had to send brothers to tuition like every other saturdays
only to find i have to pick them up, bring them out for brunch, go home for about 2 hours, send them again & pick them up again 2 hours later.

Rapid KL would certainly lose a lot of money like this.

i lost RM 4.60 for smses today. honestly, i’ve been sms-ing like crazy that my handphone couldnt store anymore messages. and there are like 600 smses in my handphone! its gonna expire on monday anyways.

my eyes are swolen. and im sleepy.
i missing out on something, or someone.
or just miss someone.
im ubberly confused.

i got a stalker.
someone keeps calling.
and when i answer, ‘it’ will put the phone down.
and i received a ubberly confused sms.

“if you dont like me, tell me. dont make me wait”
and you are? i’ve replied that. “the person” replied “someone”
yeah, RIGHT. stop pulling a prank on me.!!

im off to bed,


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