exaggerated blahs.

here’s whats up ysday. love to chat up.
but so much happened yday that i didnt bother to blog.
i went to tuition alone, managed to chat up with amir. &get to him a little better =]
& i got a major headache and fever thus, i didnt study KH but miraculously managed to be online. =]
the computer was too tempting.


i went to school today,
i was 2 minutes early
the minute i reached up. it was the bell. & i thought i was late.
anastasia came at 7.50! i asked why? she sed “oh, i needed to shit” nice one. =]

Guess what? i didnt study KH. it was easy and i hope my luck is good. and get A for it *crossed fingers* my GEO sucked. i thought i got B. i got what i least expected. dont ask, it seriously WONT make my day. Nantha and I spent an hour making fun of abdil, kogilan and lay lee. At least i thought he was, as i was making stupid poses of them. Nantha and I laughed till our face were red (which is seriously obvious on my face than his)

My fever had gone down, i practiced the piano today. i definately forgot how to play the woodpecker song. where there is a lot of wrist staccato. where teacher kristina (haha, yeah, my name) used to say “you love the hit the piano rite? so staccato is definately your call”

I enjoyed every single one of it esply The Can Can dance. ehe.
I forgot the La Cumprasita piece but Moonlight Sonata still creeps me out. geez.

I need to rest. My lil bro’s responsibilities are in my hand tomorrow (so says my mum lah!)

ex oh ex oh.


One Response to “exaggerated blahs.”

  1. the lover boy Says:

    you? fat?

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